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Nearly there

If they'd let you use an 'N' class router instead of the supplied 'G' class I would give them 5 stars for the internet connection, despite recent price rises for line rental (I guess Rupert needs the cash with the recent hoo ha?). I don't have any interest in the TV channels but for now it is an option you are free to ignore, so I'm very happy to recommend this fast, reliable service that makes iPlayer unmissable rather than unwatchable :)

Richer Sounds

Fair to Middling

As long as you don't expect them to stock any of the stuff they advertise on the website they are OK for the odd deal. However, my local store has got into a bad habit of pushing certain brands (do they get a bonus for this?) which can make in-store browsing a bit tiresome (have you considered an LG sir?). Note to self, always wear headphones when entering shop to drown out the sales pitch :)


Great Prices

Great prices if you are close enough to pop into the store to avoid postal charges. The only black mark is the amount of grey import stuff they sell which means any warranty may be with Scan rather than the manufacturer (Samsung disk drives are a case in point). I haven't had to return anything yet so I can't comment on their customer service.


The Best

One of the best forums on the net

Private Eye


Not much to see on the website, but subscribe to this scurrilous rag and you'll forever be 6 months ahead of the other newspapers when it comes to the latest scandals and what your elected MP is really up to (usually lining their own pockets). It's not always accurate, but the corrections are as interesting as the allegations and the feedback page is always a joy. If this was provided free to every household we would all be much better informed come election time. It's pretty funny too :)


Never Knowingly Undersold

Seriously, the Beeb is accused of being politically biased, but it's really just guilty of providing accurate information rather than biased reporting to suit the extreme viewpoints of the haters. It can be a little dry, and not all the channels will suit everyone, but without it we would be stuck with the views of the media magnets that control the commercial channels. Maybe some fat could be trimmed off the commercial programs, but even they set a standard that others follow. Long live the Beeb :)

GO Outdoors

Mixed Bag

Great prices if you wait for a sale, but the quality of their gear varies wildly. I've had walking boot from them that have started to fall apart in a week, and others that will probably outlive me! I'm no fan of their 'discount card' gimmick either, but the sheer range of goods they stock instore keeps me going back and the staff are always very helpful.

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CCL Computers

Old News

I stopped using this company a few years ago after a very poor experience trying to send back a faulty motherboard. They insisted that I had to accept a repair rather than a refund (on a brand new item) and refused to accept the law of the land that states I should have the choice of a full refund. It's a shame as I keep seeing links to gear on their site at very tempting prices. Maybe I should give them another go but once bitten...

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Prices Keep Going Up!

A couple of years ago I would have given Screwfix 5 stars, but prices keep rising in relation to other sellers, stock levels haven't kept up with the product range and the discounts given at the new 'trade counter' are being paid for by everyone on the other side of the dividing wall (cheers for that!). Add to this constant issues with account numbers changing and it's just not the same as it was before the takeover. I still use them when I have to, but begrudgingly now rather than happily:(

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A Solid 4 Stars

Stock levels and delivery always very good, packaging sometimes less so, but generally no complaints. The only time I've had a missing item it was sent out the next day with no fuss - I was actually a bit taken aback by how helpful the person was on the phone! A big improvement would be allowing reviews of products on the site like Screwfix do, If anyone is reading please consider adding this!


Damaged Stock

Another convenient store that repeatedly fails on stock levels, partly because the way they store stuff means if they say they have 19 in stock, 18 are probably broken/missing/on a pallet somewhere else. At least the big stores store some of the wood horizontally, unlike Wickes where 90% of it is warped and twisted!

Another gripe is the new 'trade counter' that means if you are buying 20 sheets of plasterboard from a B+Q warehouse and don't have a trade card, you now have to lug the stuff through the old dears buying Begonias to pay at the normal till!


Could Do Better

I use Tesco every week as it's convenient. Scratch that, it's not just convenient it's everywhere! From a point of view of customer experience they are better than the Co-Op (where do they get their staff?) but still found wanting compared to other stores. Maybe a little staff training is in order, or possibly just give them more money?

James Villa Holidays

Keep Going Back

I've had mixed success with James Villas as their 'stock' changes every year which makes getting feedback on the place you want to stay virtually impossible. However, I often grab a late deal on a villa in Mallorca out of season, near Pollensa, and so far every Villa has been good :)

Cheap and Cheerful

I've used ebuyer a lot over the years and it's been a positive experience on the whole. Prices are perhaps not as good as they used to be, but customer service has improved dramatically in the last few years and delivery and packaging has always been good (touch wood!).

11 October 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive comments.

We greatly appreciate any feedback that we receive and use this to try and improve in any areas that we can.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support department should you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team

Peter Tyson Audio/Visual

Highly Recommended

Some problems initially with my order, but a guy in customer service went out of his way to sort everything out and I would happily recommend this as a company you can trust. Highly recommended!

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