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Scammed??? I sincerely hope not!

Oh dear!

I wish I had checked on this company BEFORE placing my order.

Ordered on the 1st October, item still shows as "awaiting fulfillment". Tried to contact them but note that there is no phone number. Completed their "contact us" form and have had no response as yet, although the ticket has been assigned to a [name removed]. I paid via paypal and the receipt contains an email address that starts jody..... but the recipient of the monies is someone called [name removed].

Have sent [name removed] a personal email and also copied it to the Sales email address listed on here.

I have also opened a "dispute" through paypal....interestingly, as soon as I lodged the dispute it was automatically escalated to a "claim" as apparently the recipient of the money can't respond at the moment (whatever that means) now we must wait until the deadline of Oct 20th for the recipient to reply to paypal. I just wonder how paypal knew immediately that they weren't going to respond to the "dispute" and immediately escalated's almost as though they know that there is a problem with this recipient/seller?

I'll let you know the outcome...but in the mean time.....

I Won't be ordering again until this is resolved. Perhaps you shouldn't either!!!

By the way....I've just tried to buy something else from the site and although you can add items to your seems you can't actually complete the transaction and buy the products???????? I wonder why???????

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