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Great Holiday

Got a cheap last minute deal with these people. The rep was great, the hotel fab and the skiing great. Would go again, but doubt I will ever get that price again, £189 for the week!


Fabulous Service

Bought two or three times and always the advise of the women on the phones is excellent. Everything fits and if there is ever an issue they always sort out there and then. Good prices and a vast range of skiwear. One of the best on the Internet.


Love them

The instrument to everywhere. The gateway to shopping paradise. How would we work, play or pis$ without them?


Good for the right product

You have to watch these guys. Sometimes they have the deal of the century on anything from a washing line to an ocean liner. Most of the time they are average. Good deals sometimes though and service always excellent.

Okay - check stock though

Ordered a few times. These guys are okay but sometimes there is a stock problem that they don't let you know about until after you've ordered. Not an issue, but would be nice to know at time of ordering.


Excellent if you want a bargain

Love ebay and here's lots of bargains to be had. Time consuming though and they're greedy. They love their fees!


Nothing never arrives

Ordered a couple of times and a complete waste of time. Should be banned from the Internet, a complete joke.

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Truly Excellent

Fantastic range, amazing service and fast delivery. All that, everyone has. These people have this plus they have the best price on the Internet. They should be the biggest and best for outdoor, camping and skiwear anywhere in the UK. No doubt they will be.

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