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Travel Republic

As Stated "On The Box"

Hassle-free booking. Package put together well and all parts delivered as specified. Only concern may be the requirement to pay in full many weeks prior to departure. There was a time years ago when the "final" balance was due a few weeks prior to dep. It seems this is constantly getting closer to the time of booking.

That said, paying at least £100 via credit card safeguards one in the event of financial collapse. I suspect this is unlikely for Travel Republic as they seem to get things right all the time.

Well done.


Their Marketing "Stinks"

The two stars I've awarded relates to the wines I've had in the past. Yesterday I received a very tasty offer, complete with £50 discount and together with the £10 gift card I received from Laithwaites some 12 months ago (for a couple of bad wines in a box) I rang them this morning to order the 12 "Big Reds". My offer letter had my name and address printed on it and the call centre were able to find my details on the database. PROBLEM.

The chap then apologised but said he couldn't offer me this deal as I'd had several cases (of different wines) from them in the past. I explained how Laithwaites had written to me personally, quoting my name and address on the order form yet making no comment as to my ineligibility.

This is the classic switch-off for marketing. Step 1, get the potential customer exceited with an offer made explicity to him. Step 2, when said customer rings to accept the offer tell him sorry, cannot honour our offer after all.

What more can I say? Perhaps only to tell as many people as possible how Laithwaites acts with such low honour.

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