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Sets low standards, and fails to maintain them!!!

Yodel are, without doubt, the worst company that it has been my misfortune to have dealings with - ever!! Organisations that use them for delivery should really take a long hard look at using Yodel as a delivery agent, as I for one will NEVER place an order with a company that uses Yodel as its distributor.

I have had three consecutive issues with this company - and they have all been the same. A failure to deliver against a rearranged schedule, despite receiving e-mail confirmation by Yodel confirming the redelivery - and quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever come across.

Today is the last straw. Having received a card through my door on the 5th March, I used the website to rearrange delivery for the 11th.

On the 6th another card was pushed through the door, so I again rescheduled another delivery for the 11th. On the 7th, another card was pushed through the letter box. Again I rescheduled delivery, via the website for the 11th.

Today, the 11th, nobody came. I rang Yodel, and eventually got through after 35 minutes to be told, as they had tried to deliver it three times unsuccessfully, they had returned it to the delivery office, for possible return to the sender. They had records on their system of the confirmed rescheduling as well (as they clearly had my work phone number, which I had deliberately put in the rescheduling details).

The customer advisor's explanation was that 'clearly somebody forgot to tell the depot manager'!! Now call me old fashioned, but I thought back office IT systems were supposed to support the complex logistic distribution process for companies like Yodel - not a scrap of paper passed to the depot manager. Utter tosh. I was then told that they should have left the parcel somewhere safe or with a neighbour - to which I asked why they didn't, and the customer advisor said 'i dunno - might be depot policy b'cause of your address'... incredible.....

Yodel, you are in breach of contract. I kept my side of the contract by being in to receive the goods - you have failed comprehensively to keep your side.

So rest assured - if I know that a particular company uses Yodel - I will never buy from them. Ever. period.


Great Site for jaguar XType Parts

Needed a new SatNav/DVD player for my X-Type. Rang the company, very helpful - had one in staock. they stated they would send it courier - I wanted Royal mail Special Deoivery so I could pick it up. They obliged. Arrived today, perfect service fully working. Highly recommended. Thanks


Customer Service - Andover Branch - very poor

I recently bought some goods at the Andover Branch. All very painless, if a little pricey, although I have to take the parts back as they did not fit the car.

When I was there I asked if I could also return a socket extension from their professional range, that had failed where the ball bearing holds the socket on the end. This was not a cheap tool - part of a set that cost in excess of £100.

I was told that I had to produce the reciept - which was a bit difficult as it was bought 6 years ago! I was then told that I had to have proof of purchase to validate the lifetime guarantee - oh and then the sales assistant said, that the lifetime warranty did not cover moving parts and as the ball bearing was a moving part it was not covered.

Halfords - this is an abosulte crock of Sh!te. If you offer a lifetime warranty you should not expect customers to retain a receipt for their entire lifetime - it should be a staement of the quality of the tools that justify the price. It shouldn;t matter whp bought them, or require a recipt to prve I bought them. Where else am I going to buy a complete set of Halfords tools.

So be warned - the Halfords 'Life Time' Warranty on it's professional only applys to the bits that do not have moving parts and then only if you can prove you bought it from Halfords by showing a receipt. Utter CRAP - I Vow never to buy tools from Halfords again unless I am totally desperate!!!


High Quality and Low Cost - Perfect

Had the need to buy asome porcelian drill bits to put hooles in some grade 5 tiles. Many of the other compinies were offering drill bits at ridiculous prices. Took the plunge and ordered a Rubi Easy Gres - DIY Tile Drill Bit Kit for £7.99. £3.50 was a little steep for postage, but it did arrive in two days, and the drill bit was perfect! My builder was being charged ~£20 for something that was inferior in terms of quality - perhaps he should go to buybrandtools next time.


Wickes Andover - Very helpful

We have now had both a Kitchen and bathroom from Wickes Andover, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service. While I know some other reviews have commented on poor staff and customer service, I cannot say the same for the Andover store, who have always been really friendly and have gone out of their way to help.

I agree, that Wickes do not have the the vast ranges that B&Q and Homebase carry, mainly because they stock own brand items. Those that I have used, paints etc, have all been on par with the likes of Crown and Dulux.

Guitar Village

What Fantastic Service

After spending ages choosing a couple of Guitars and an amplifier, like many people I spent time trying to find the best prices and ideally somewhere that had all the items in stock. I last bought a guitar from Guitar Village ages ago, and haven't been back to the shop since, for one reason and another.

Rang the shop and spoke to Terry, who confirmed that he had both the guitars and amplifier in stock, and asked him to put them aside for me for the following day. When I arrived at the shop and met Terry, he proceeded to set my son up with the guitar he had chosen. After confessing that I was a bit of a Hank Marvin fan, Tery then proceeded to give me a tour of the fantastic premises, pointing out a number of different guitars.

I was given a really good trade in price on an old guitar, best possible prices on the guitars and amp I bought, and a few goodies thrown in for good measure. I've been told to bring the guitars back in around 6 weeks to check the set up - which I will do.

I'm so glad that I chose to buy through Guitar Village. No rush, no pressure and nothing seemed to difficult. Terry, many thanks indeed! I'll be back!


Customer Service is Fantastic

On two occasions recently, I have had to call Aqualisa customer services, and schedule a technical support visit. On both occasions the service provided was first class, the timings were arranged to suit me, and the technician that arrived could not have been more helpful. I have two Aqualisa digital showers in my house, and I'm happy in the knowledge that if they go wrong, I can count on a high level of support. Well done Aqualisa!

Very poor customer service when it goes wrong

Like many of the reviews on here, Plumbworlds prices are really competitive. Certainly their delivery costs and schedule are favourable and goods that I ordered turned up very quickly.

The problem is that when the goods that turn up are faulty, or you need to exchange anything, the post sales service is attrocious. There IS NO CUSTOMER TELEPHONE SUPPORT, as a matter of policy. Everything is done by e-mail. After the first e-mail I sent off, I got a ticket saying I was 45th in the queue and I would get regular (2 hourly) updates. I didn't. 3 days later I hadn't heard from the company, so I wrote direct to the MD, as per his pledge promise on the various e-mails I had received at the time of the order. He didn't respond, but I eventually did get an e-mail that attempted to sort out the problem, (5 days after work had stopped on the rebuild - pending correct items). I eventually claimed the cost of the goods back through the credit card company as it was impossible to do anything do directly with the company.

All I would say is that yes they are cheap, it is your risk if it goes wrong as the customer service is a very long way from meeting most peoples expectations.

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How refreshing to find quality products at a reasonable cost

Ordered a couple of guitar patch leads from Lindy. Was a little sceptical at first as the price seemed too low, and I'm fussy about quality. I was more than pleasantly surprised when they arrived. Very high quality products, far better than many on the martket costing three or four times as much. Postage was very fast. I'd certainly keep Lindy at the top of my prefered suppliers list!

11 October 2011

Reply from LINDY Electronics

Thanks for your positive comments!

LINDY Michael

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