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Great customer service

Don't know about the web site as I don't use it. As a customer you have to ask for upgrades or you aint going to get one. They are very helpful though and after 2 years I am still happy.


Shop on

My wife shops here every week so it must be good. I can't complain as I enjoy the food.


Food, drink and more

What would you do without them? Great prices on food and drink. Some hardware I would do without but its a choice for everyone not just the individual.


Mmmmmm yummy

Must be one of the best. I keep coming back for more.....


Only one to use

I use it more than often and it is the only one I use. Great for everything you need.


Mid to Fair

Get more for your money in the UK campared to Ireland.


Yes / No

Yes for bicycles, camping equipment etc. Not great for car spares for specialist vehicles. If its a Ford, your made.


Good old BBC

Great station keep it up. What would we do without it?


Average prices

Can be pricey on some items but they are quick on delivery.



Not a hope of knowing what they have or have not.



Not for me - ever. From now on never heard of them. After the attitude from more than one shop.


Not for me

Does the company really know what it's doing? I think not.


Poor Attitude

Book cars well in advance and on many many occasions. Most of the time they don't have the car. Have offered an upgrade to a "minibus" on one occasion and on another had no car at all. Not to mention the attitude of the desk jockey's. One time went to France where upon I had to leave an 800 euro deposit, after taking out insurance????


Not Knowledgable

If they don't know they will make it up. Had this on more than a few occasions.


Poor Service

Every time I go into Curry's its a problem to get served. If and when you purchase goods, its problematic returning them. Never again.


Great but held back

Is it the Irish government or is it Ryanair. Undoubtably Ryanair are cheap if not the cheapest. Forget complaining about the cost of this and that, you won't find a consistant cheaper airline. But when they went from Shannon........ Seems like anything that goes great Ireland can screw it up.


Excellent products and great support.

This is a great supplier to deal with, fast and easy delivery and very helpful for information.
Order no. 400047023


Its Facebook

What can you say that millions havn't already done?


Great buying and selling website

Great trading site but can be pricey on fees


Excellent and Very Safe

The only safe way to pay.

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