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Expensive, but a decent experience

The good thing about living in a larger city is that there are a couple of cinemas to choose from, and the one that I prefer is the Odeon cinema.

The cinema is easy to get to, free parking and plenty of places to go for a drink or a bit to eat afterwards. It does get quite busy on the weekends and Friday nights but I usually go midweek to avoid the rush. I also like to book my tickets online as I hate standing around in queues.

Booking online is quite straightforward, especially if you’ve already set up an account with them. You just choose which film you want to see and where and it will autiomatically take you to the process to buying the right tickets and you can even choose where you want to sit which is great! Then when you turn up for the screening, you just print out your tickets from a ticket machine.

The only negative pioint to watch out for is that although you may have booked your tickets and reserved your seats, I am a bit wary if I find that when I get there someone has already sat there as theres not much you can do! That has happened to me in the past but luckily the place was empty and finding somewhere else wasn’t a problem.

I have noticed that the Odeon is slightly more expensive then other local cinemas, but they also do extras like Premuim seats (which are basically leather seats and extra leg room) abnd theres is a loyalty scheme if you like going to see lots of movies so it has its plus points!


Everything they do is good - cc - trains. flights

I used Virgin Trains when I travelled from Manchester to London for a meeting last week and I am very impressed! In the past I have always driven there but decided to go by train to avoid the parking issues in Central London.

With most things, its best to book in advance to get the best ticket prices as they do spike up if you book at short notice. Booking online through the Virgin website is very straightforward – just input the days you plan to go and it even lets you choose where you want to sit etc. You can also buy your Tube tickets at the same time which is fantastic as buying them from when you get to London can be a nightmare! You do need to sign up for an account but its pretty straightforward and you use the details to book tickets in the future. Once booked, my tickets were emailed to me and I just printed them out and took them with me/

PLUS POINTS – No booking fees or Card charges! This is definitely a plus point for me as I don’t understand how companies get away with charging for booking fees or by paying with a particular card!

The journey itself was pleasant enough, no delays or cancellations (thanksfully1) and I would definitely travel with Virgin again!


Good product -

I placed an order for a new storage shed from Asgard called the ‘Vangard’. After comparing several sizes of sheds, I decided on a smaller one measuring just over 5 by 3 feet in Dark Brown which would go with the garden fencing. Although it took nearly 4 weeks to deliver, I am very satisfied with the product once it had been built.The instructions were easy to follow, and with my brother helping me out, it took around 45 mins to put the shed together. Just to point out that you do need to have a flat level base to build the unit it on. I was planning on installing the shed on a concrete base which had a very slight slope(maybe a couple of centimetres max) but was advised to level it out as it would affect the door opening access once it had been built. Satisfied with the quality.


Full of Sad lonely men

Don't bother, this is a website full of freaks and odd balls, some of the people on it look as though they should be locked up in a secure room. I understand this is a scam site anyway, harvesting passwords and personal info .. keep well away.

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Tesco home (bed side table lamps)

After redecorating our bedrooms, we wanted to replace our existing bedside tables for a cream coloured matching Bedside lamps. When shopping in Tescos last weekend, we saw these 2 bedside lamps which seemed ideal – nice size and available in a few colours. We chose cream to keep the lighting neutral in the room.

The lamp itself comes with a lampshade and has an on/off switch on the wire. Negative points would be that you need to buy bulbs separately – and working out which bulbs to use took around 10 minutes as it doesn’t indicate the type of light bulb you need. It’s a good thing my partner was with me as I would have bought the wrong ones!

The other slight downside is that there isn’t a dimmer option – its either on or off, but would have been a nice extra. However, for the price (I paid £19 including 2 bulbs for both the lamps) it’s a good buy and something I use everyday.

Good quality products at a good price!

National Express

ignificantly cheaper then travelling by train.

Although I prefer travelling by train, sometimes I need to travel at short notice and this means I can only really afford to go by coach. National Express has always been my choice as I find other companies – eg Megabus confusing to book with.

Obviosully a coach would take longer then a train so keep this in mind before you book, and check how long the journey is as some journeys make additional stops etc.

In terms of the National Express website – it is very straightforward but I would say that sometimes inputting the dates on the National Express Coaches page will sometimes take you to the train bookings which is annoying! But on the plus side – you can view prices over a month so if you are flexible on dates – you can always choose the cheaper tickets, rather then checking each date.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is every now and then they will do cheap ‘funfares’ as low as £1 each way so its worth signing up to their newsletter to nab a bargain.
Truthfully though, I would only recommend using the coach if you don’t mind a longer journey and its significantly cheaper then travelling by train.

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