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Moneysavingexpert is one of the best sites I know of. I signed up for their email tips immediately, and I have managed to bag some brilliant deals.

As with any site with a forum, there is always the odd bod who you don't get along with, but as a general rule I have had no trouble there whatsoever. The mods are quick at their jobs, and do them with a polite and friendly air (as opposed to treating posters as though they are peons). I have mistakenly posted threads in the wrong place, and it has been with a polite little note to let me know I've done so that the mods have moved and/or closed the thread.

I can highly, highly recommend Moneysavingexpert to absolutely anyone and everyone.


Swings and Roundabouts

Vistaprint is a useful site for me as a budding Avon rep whose hands cramp something chronic after writing out my information 100 times on the order forms. I have been able to pick up a rubber stamp at a reasonable price, and was lucky enough to catch the free postage offer this time around.

I do rather object to the almost constant emails I have been receiving, however. Vistaprint, I will buy what I want when I want and need it, I do not need to be showered with emails about "special offers just for you!!!", which nine times out of ten are entirely irrelevant to me.

I will keep shopping there, because the products I have received *have* been of good quality (and I really do need the stamps!). I will be attempting business cards next.

All-in-all, if you can handle getting a plethora of emails a couple of times a week, Vistaprint are a good place to pick things up from.



This website is a goldmine of handy-dandy things that a new Mum (like myself) can find useful. There are plenty of money-off vouchers to make the pennies stretch further, and other Mums in the forums to chat to and share various tips with. Getting the little packs at Sainsbury's is also fantastic, as you get a TU voucher to go towards getting clothing for the little monster(s) in your life.

It is very daunting being a first-time Mum, and Bounty goes a long way to giving support and advice to them, be you a Mum with a significant other or a Mum striking out on your own.

Corsets Uk

Absolutely unbelievable

I discovered this company as a link in my gmail. Usually I wouldn't have clicked, but the offer of "buy 2 get 1 free" was a bit more than this shopper could resist. I purchased some gift-corsets, and a selection needed straight away for an event. All of the items I needed immediately were marked as 'in stock', so I had no qualms about paying the extra for next-day shipping.

To my horror, when the parcel arrived only 3 of the 6 corsets I had ordered had arrived, none of which were the ones I required urgently. Emails to the company went unanswered for weeks on end, the event came and went without my corsets, until I *finally* received an email informing me the corsets I had paid extra shipping for were not in stock. I was passed from pillar to post, from one customer service rep to another, until I finally managed to negotiate a refund of the corsets that had not arrived.

I will say that their corsets seem reasonable value for money, but the hassle and stress that the order gave me was utterly unbelievable. I certainly would not recommend this company to others, and I thoroughly doubt I will shop with them again, no matter *how* tempting their 3 for 2 deal is.

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