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Avoid for 123 headaches

Support is none existent, they simply tell you they are looking into it and never get back to you.

The support team dont really care about helping you just want to get you off there call or chat and promise to make contact once they have investigated it further.

They also expect you to solve issues that affect there other clients # theyshouldbepayingme

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Terrible customer service

Your web guard was making our site as infected, funnily enough Sucuri ( who have direct access to all site files) and our host ( Large UK host) couldn't find any issue, nor could any other web guard program.

We ran a check with google ( ad words team No infect or threats detected)

I rang your customer support team , " Our web guard what ??" was there reply
" our lab team ?? i dont think we have one"

After finding out we had a business line with talk talk I thought I might get some more help. Not to be the case , the very annoying person I spoke with simply pushed me back through to residential. 3 times he did that before I gave up.

Very poor customer service when we had a fault , 10 days after accepting the fault stated " there is no fault".

Last but not least the internet speed tester , on 8 out of 10 occasion the connection was to unstable to download the download file and so failed. There is no way to report this, only tests that complete = only s a fraction of the picture being sent to tech support.

POOR ISP Would never ever use
Didnt they used to have another name >? wasn't that company equally as bad


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Didnt state deposit amount at booking , took £90 for nothing

Terrible company to deal with AVOID

I booked a car in a rush no mention that I needed a further £250 cash to pick up car, only booked as my car broke down and need car to collect my 8 year old.

As soon as the confirmation email arrived I rang the hire company to check what was needed £250 cash, I didn't have this and so cancelled the booking. At no point during booking was I made aware of the extra £250 needed.

Complaints , I was informed I had to send in an email and wait , I waited and I waited, it took almost 2 weeks to get a reply not 24 hours as stated ( another lie)
I am now on hold on the phone 25 mins in they are claiming they dont know the ticket number and it isn't one of there's.

The woman who replied to the email stated it show that a deposit is needed on some sub tab, however it doesn't clearly show the amount which is needed in order for the contract to be just and fair. ( enforceable as stated by both trading standards and citizens advice)

Avoid this rip off con artist company at all costs


Brillant company to deal with

Bought a garden office of these guys, they were fantastic. They arranged the delivery ( Included in the price) they arranged the fitters to install it, who because we dont have a back garden access carried the whole kit through the house, ( WITH OUT BREAKING ANYTHING) they even put runners down so the carpets wouldn't get dirty.

Quality of the office is expectational and is lovely and cosy , I worked throughout the snow period we got Jan 2013 and wasn't in the least bit cold.

Thanks to all the guys at Beaver log cabins


Great service and value, one of the most patient companies I ever dealt with

I wanted to get my ebay shop redesigned and some of the quotes I was getting were mind blowing. I emailed uber and they sent a reply within the hour, they asked for no deposit upfront. There design brief was very reassuringly comprehensive,about a week later I was sent a link to a live working design based of my design brief. It needed some very minor adjustments and the design vision I had was reached. I then paid a small deposit and 3 days later I was sent a link to a live matching listing template , this needed no revision. Whole process took less than 2 weeks to complete and install on my shop. I love there list direct to ebay tool saves me lots of time and effort compared to the cheaper " template generator " companies.

PF Jones

Great company, product support was unrivalled

Looked around to purchase a towbar for our new car, the amount of information found on the website helped me better understand what the differences of types of towbar and towing electrics kit are. I called just to make sure I had the made the correct choices before ordering and the product knowledge was second to none. i had rang a few other towbar companies and had been told I need a bypass ( £20) I didn't need one. Wouldn't use anyone else.


Utter bag rubbish avoid!!!

KNowhow dont know how to do anything ,

They collected my pc on the agreed date , they provided no tracking number or reciept.

7 days later was the agreed time frame, on the 7th day I called at the end of the day

" oh it was repaired, but it failed Q A "

Ok so when wil it be sent out now ?

" tomorrow "

and will you confirm this ?

" yes you wil get a text"

Hi can you tell me where my pc is ?

"hmm NO I wil need to check and call you back "

to be fair here David did call back

" hi I have checked and your pc is repaired"

great when it is going to arrive back with me ,

"the 15th , the van is to full"

now after much proding and explainig of lose of earning turns out the couriers depot is 5 mins from my house.

Can I pick it up , NO

and the standard excuse they fall back on is we have 28 days to return this.

At this point I would love to have a full on rant but then that would lessen my arguement but anyway **** **** **** *** **** ******** ****** **** ***


Soon as my pc arrives home I am cancelling my insurance as it would be cheaper and faster to just pay for the repair locally or just buy a new one.

Hey can you tell me what time my pc will arrive with me today ?

" erm i

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