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Ignorant customer service staff

Received a canvas a few days before Christmas which was damaged. The picture position had also been changed and was not central.

I asked for a refund but Snapfish insisted in reprinting it despite the fact the positioning was wrong. The customer service team did not read my emails properly when I complained. I knew that the canvas wouldn't arrive for Christmas but they ignored this.

In the end I had to buy my sister a cheap cookbook for Christmas instead.

I then wrote a review of the canvas on their site, saying that the positioning had been changed and the packing was not adequate, and it was deleted by their administrators. So they are clearly picking and choosing the reviews they choose to publish.

I complained (around the 6th email I have sent now) and got a refund, but too late for my sister's Christmas present. Terrible service. Will never use them again.


Extremely unhelpful and very slow

Ordered three books for birthday gifts. All in stock. None were dispatched after 3 days so I emailed to cancel. Took them so long to reply that my friend's birthday came and went so I had to repurchase. I then got a dispatch email for the order.

When I complained that I had asked for a cancellation in good time, they said the books weren't in stock when I ordered, but they had been sent now so it was tough and I could return them at my own expense. This is despite the fact that I emailed to cancel several days before they were dispatched.

I suggested that I should not have to pay to return them as it was not my error - the reply was simply: "Sorry for any inconvenience".

ZERO customer service.

Will never use them again and I urge you not to buy time-sensitive items or presents from here.

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Trading Standards anyone?

My online order was despatched with no tracking information. Four messages regarding tracking were ignored. (I assume the staff in Walsall have no access to online order details seeing as their stock room is in Cheshire.)

I received completely the wrong item - a seat for a pushchair I don't own.

Again, all emails totally ignored.

I spent an HOUR on hold to arrange a pick-up. When someone finally answered I was promised a refund as soon as the courier had collected the item the next day. Surprise surprise, no courier came - I waited in all day for no reason. Just what you need when you're about to give birth any day.

I have ordered the item I wanted elsewhere so I am £130 out of pocket and struggling to store the item they haven't collected. More to the point, dealing with this kind of stuff is the pits when you're preparing for a baby's arrival.

Seriously - avoid Kiddisave - they're simply trading on the good name of an unrelated company (Kiddicare) and their own Facebook page is absolutely littered with complaints stretching back months. I have now threatened Trading Standards and court action to try get my money back. I suggest others do the same.

City Link


Unfortunately City Link deliver for Amazon under the Prime program. They make Prime completely pointless as they repeatedly fail to deliver on the designated day.
Today's latest City Link fail was a card pushed through the door saying the parcel was with a neighbour. The driver didn't even bother to knock on our door. We were in the front room at the time. Obviously our neighbour was outside and it was easier just to give it to them than attempt delivery.
Amazon, ditch this company or I'll ditch your Prime program for good.


From bad to worse!!

The billing error (in my review below) has got even worse.

After switching our meter readings were ignored for several months and we were billed on estimates despite providing readings.

I noticed in September and it took me two months and more than 10 emails to get this sorted.

Yesterday we were finally billed according to our meter readings. Great.
This evening, the bill was issued again BASED ON AN ESTIMATE yet again!!!

This added £70 to the ACTUAL amount we'd used! Within 24 hours!

And to add insult to injury, the amounts due in my account don't match either of my bills!

Now I have two bills in my account for November with FOUR different amounts due, with the most recent being estimates DESPITE emailing since September to get the estimates removed.

To say this company is incompetent is an understatement!
I can't wait for my switch to complete and to be rid of this company.

PS. First Utility, before you reply, the customer service representative (SS) who emailed me to sort this didn't bother to give me her email address. She rings during work hours when I can't answer. I've tried to email her back but my emails are just going into the bottomless pit that is the First Utility helpdesk mailbox. I'll pay your November bill when you bill me based on the ACTUAL readings I give you last week. If you don't do this, Ofgem is my next stop.

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17 October 2012

Reply from First Utility

Dear Claire,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and we are sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you. We are striving to improve our customer experience and have taken your comments on board. A member of our Consumer Affairs team has been trying to contact you and we would be grateful if you could respond so we are able to resolve the matter for you.

Kind regards,
Customer Services, FIrst Utility


Had to battle for refund

Ordered GPS with next day delivery from Mynewgps/ Total Satnav. Two days later I had heard nothing, the order was still 'awaiting payment' despite me having the payment receipt.
Multiple emails to info@ went unanswered. Emails to help@ bounced back. Tried calling both the numbers on the website, no answer. No call back after leaving messages.

Buyer beware.

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