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Not worth £145 a year

Far to much crap on and it's not worth £145.
BBC I player is getting worse! Used to use it a lot because of the subtitled program's but now they are too far out of sync it's unbearable!

Will be deleting the app.


Bad subtitles

Not deaf aware!
Subtitles have become totally unacceptable ...
Not many program's are subtitled and the ones that are subtitled are usually badly out of sync.


Useless company

They don't care about their customers just a paycheck!

I have to rely on subtitles but they don't work more than half the time.
i.e living or fx channel.. My fav program's r on those channels, season 7 of blah blah was going well with subtitles then episode 9 no bloody subtitles!!! What's the frigging point of me watching at all when I miss out on key episodes???
I have moan to sky about this but they just fob me of saying its the ariel signal. I know the subtitles are transmitted on another signal which uses far less power than the tv transmission..why don't they just up the signal strength?? Probably coz it would eat into their profits.
I got the feeling I will be cancelling my contract very soon.


Incompetent company!

I was given a gift card at Xmas 2011, the game I wanted wasn't released till march so I waited. March came and I went to my local game station only to be told they only sell second hand games!
Went home and tried to purchase the game online.. No luck there either the website wouldn't take my gift card number, and they are totally useless on the phone too.
I still have the gift card today :-( but I do have game I wanted :-) got it from their prices are far better!


Better than lovefilm

As a person who relies on subtitles Netflix does have some subtitled movies unlike lovefilm.

Only two stars because some of their tv series episodes are missing the subtitles ..I was mad as hell cos I actually paid for a month.
Tv series was Roswell the last few eps of each season don't have subtitles!

Not recommended if you rely on subtitles.


Not deaf aware!

After receiving an email from lovefilm assuring me that there was plenty of films with subtitles with their online instant films I went ahead and tried the free trial.
Same evening I spent about an hour searching for one with no luck.
Terrible company for not supplying subtitles when most modern movies already have them on the actual DVD.

Would not recommend if you rely on subtitles.

Love ebuyer!

I get most of my pc stuff from here and the delivery is always quick! and they are plenty of reviews onsite if u need to know more about the quality of the products

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14 November 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. I am happy to hear that you have received a positive shopping experience with

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team should you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


Great customer service

I was desperate to get the leapad for my daughters xmas present, out of stock everywhere!!! nightmare... phoned smyths and they had one left in stock!! :-)


Zero stars for this company

Total incompetant idiots! I went in to my local halfords to get some fuses as my wing mirrors were not working.
I asked the member of staff for some advice with this. After he offered to change the fuse for me, he then after looking at the fuse card could not work out which fuse it was. He then took out every fuse one by one with the ignition still on! he pulled out the airbag fuse, and the car reset itself. Now the warning light for the airbags is on constantly. As a result I have to have the car re set byt the main dealer, which is very expensive.
Thanks a bunch halfords


Prices going up all the time

I have my car insurance with Tesco. I originally used them as they were the best price and I also had a staff discount.
They have raised their prices massively over the past couple of years. As it stands I now can not afford to leave midway through my insurance term but will not be renewing my insurance with them.
Its a sad state of affairs when tesco staff cannot afford tesco insurance!


Great website

Useful site... handy when you don't want to spend ages on google searching for the best deals.. moneysavingexpert doesn't just save money but time!

Excellent service but poor choice of postal services (uk)

I love I get most of my dvds from there and some electronic items.
Fast free delivery. The only drawback is sometimes the dvds do not turn up.. I blame this on British postal services.. I suspect some have "sticky fingers".
Play could reduce the number of missing items by sending in plain packaging, this is the reason for 4 stars.

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