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Great value, usually great food!

I would choose Asda over any other supermarket. Just make sure you find a big one with plenty of choice.


Much improved!

Love M&S' stock these days. A little overpriced on occasion, quite good in the sales.

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Awesome sales!

Don't miss a Next sale. Incredible value!


Rarely successful

I can go into Primark and look at everything and yet find *nothing* to buy ... they seem to have gone downhill as it didn't use to be like this. Also, prices have gone up a lot. There is very little difference in price between Primark and, say, H&M, but H&M sells much nicer stuff.

Having spent a summer whilst at uni working in Primark, I can also say that it's a pretty rubbish place to work as well!

John Lewis

Often overprice, sometimes really good value for money!

John Lewis can often be overpriced. Yet they have very good reductions and some of their cheaper ranges (of glassware, for example) are both very low in price and very good quality. It's a strange mixture! Overall, a good shop!


the best search engine there is!

Google all the way. I refuse to use any other search engine. Works best with Chrome.


Cheap & not cheerful!

Cheap is the only positive thing I could say about Ryanair. Their staff seem to enjoy seeing people struggle with baggage, never bother assisting. The baggage size check system is stupid (fortunately I did not get caught out but watched many others being ignored by staff when trying to use the ridiculous device). I have seen passengers refused boarding because of baggage, something I've seen with no other airline. Unhelpful, in a word.


Quick delivery!

Easy to use website, always delivers really quickly. Also, much better value for money than in shops/vets.

Pet Supermarket

Item looks good, website easy to use

The item looks pretty good. I found the website easy to use and ordering is very straightforward. Delivery wasn't as quick as I expected but otherwise, I'm a happy customer!

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