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Fantastic merchant, okay prices

I've purchased several pairs of shoes from Zappos. They have loads of styles, with great descriptions, photos and information about their products. They also offer fantastic customer service, so when I've had to return shoes there's never been a problem.

I can't give them 5*'s tho, because their prices are usually normal retail prices. You're not going to find the amazing deals you want. You will, however, find those amazing shoes you're looking for!


Ekomi ratings are BS.

Ekomi filters reviews in the interest of the merchants paying them.

I had to cancel an order because a merchant charged additional fees that made it a bad deal. I wanted to post a (neutral 3*) review on Ekomi, but they rejected my review and said I had to send it to the merchant for approval! The reason, they said, was that I didn't have a transaction on record, and therefore couldn't write a review.

This is ridiculous! A bad customer experience, resulting in a cancelled order cannot be posted as a review. Ekomi is clearly maintaining the interest of the merchants who are paying them, and not the customers who are coming to them for accurate reviews.

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Watch out for hidden fees on your lenses

Watch out for hidden fees.

Shades Emporium / Frames Emporium had a great deal on some eyeglasses frames. Ordered basic lenses with AR coating, scratch protection for $70 total. At checkout was shocked to see "High Cylinder Surcharge Fee" of $40 added on to the order.

I ordered them anyway, since it was still a decent deal. Then the next day I received an email saying there was an additional $90 fee for my order, but they would knock it down to $60.

I told them it was BS and cancelled my order. They cancelled the order with no major hassles, and never charged my credit card.

The bottom line: seems like they're making up for cheap frames with expensive options. Frames emporium was okay to deal with, and in the future I might buy frames from them and get lenses put in somewhere else. This time I found a better deal on the frames on Amazon!

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