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Untrustworthy Company

This company is horrible to deal with, you cant get anyone on the phone, emails don't get a 'real' response, broken promises on delivery times. Don't ever use them.
Even when asked for a refund they didnt bother and just ignored the reuest and instead carried on with delivery. Stay away from them. the crazy thing is now they want to talk, too late!

16 March 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Dear Jay

Thank you for your comments. I have today telephoned left a voicemail message in regards to your order which I can see was delivered and signed for on 7 February 2012. Please contact me at support@infurn.com if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards

Sonia Harris

Customer Relations Supervisor


Must be confused with the other Kiddi... company!

The people reviewing this must be getting confused with Kiddicare.
As Kiddisave is awful, initially we bought a Quinny seat, trusting what that they say on their website, in stock. Which was a lie as a week passed and nothing delivered, no communication, nothing! So I stated the chasing Kiddisave, no email reply so then called, after trying a number of times finally got through to Kiddisave, they said they are waiting for a the delivery (so not in stock). So after another chase with Kiddisave as it still didn’t come on the day it was supposed to, finally we got the product from Kiddisave.
It wasn’t what we wanted and made arrangement for it to be returned to Kiddisave, another unorganised and unprofessional process with Kiddisave. Had it delivered back to Kiddisave, called to make sure Kiddisave got it, which they did and they said they have processed the refund, had they, nope! So again chasing Kiddisave to get a refund, again holding on the phone while the person at Kiddisave was probably running around like a headless chicken trying to find the manual on what refund means. So finally get this lady saying yes it was refunded yesterday, obviously furious as I got that same lie last time from Kiddisave.

Kiddisave is an awful company and not to be trusted!

Digital Point

Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk unable to honour a order

I am luck enough not have been duped by this unprofessional company, Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk

Like many we saw the TV we wanted at a good price, so we went for it on a finance basis, we ordered from Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk but the finance application did not go through which was ok as we were going to put it on card.
When we notified Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk that we wanted to complete the order on card, "surprise surprise" the price of the TV was increased. We had an order number and are intent to buy was confirmed with a follow up email confirming I would be purchase through card.
The really unprofessional and lack of customer service came with a simple no solution answer email from Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk ...


Of course all we can think is lucky we didn't have to deal with Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk through the rest of the purchase stages.
All I can say is to the response from Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk is to be able to honour a price you have to first be honourable!

Review was the experience of our purchase process with Electro Centre Ltd t/a digital-point.co.uk

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