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Pay peanuts, get (parcel) monkeys

I have a straightforward address in a mid-size UK city. No complications. However in two orders with Parcelmonkey I have had 3 no-shows and I'm not even on the basic £4-odd rate, but paying for a bells-and-whistles insured, guaranteed service. OK.. rant over. More importantly that this, and the reason why I give one star, is the very poor customer service. You get a quick response but an entirely robotic one. When I asked for a refund I was told that one order would not be refunded because a 6 day delay in delivery is the qualification point. I got a refund of the 2nd order (two missed pickups), but with 5 - 6 days refund time and another robotic response. My question about whether it was a problem with Citylink in my area (ie. should I give you my money again ParcelMonkey, but choose a different courier?) was ignored.

I am a very relaxed online shopper. One missed collection? Heh, no problem - everyone has their bad days - maybe the driver was ill. Two missed pickups? a bit annoying but probably just bad luck. 3 mistakes plus crap customer service? Sorry, even for me that qualifies as unacceptably poor service.

My conclusion? Pay and extra pound or so for someone like Parcel2Go and don't get Monkeys to handle your parcels.

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Amazon - Superb returns policy and customer service

Amazon always impresses me and it's easy to see why they are at the top. I recently bought a Canon bridge camera from them. After trying it I found that I couldn't do one small thing - take portait shots with the background blown out of focus - because fo a lens limitation. This was entirely my fauly for not checking before hand. I explained this to Amazon and used their free returns service and got a full refund. I suppose they get their money's worth from me though so it's worth their while keeping me a happy customer. Great work Amazon UK.


Next day delivery, good product, easy to use

I ordered a Keela Belay jacket from This Tribe. The jacket arrived as promised the next day and I'm well pleased with it - "warmth on a budget" in This Tribe's blog described it well. This Tribe's website was quick and easy to use.

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