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Terrible Hotel

I stayed in Best Western in Chicago and it was awful.
I complained to Corporate Headquarters and they were worse than useless
They kept handing it back to the hotel to deal with, if they are corporate HQ the deal with complaints

So Be warned if you complain you will get bumped around from pillart to post!!


Can find great Bargains on here

If you are looking for that late bargain, check out


Great selection

Have a great selection but not everything that you'd like


On their way up again

They did go downhill for a long time, now on their way back up, but still expensive


The First & Best

The best shopping channel out there


Best Video Clip Site out there

Can see music videos, training videos or movies and TV shows, it has it all


A Joke

Cal themselves Cheap??
Yeah till you see all the extras you get charged for!!
Food, Luggage etc..
DO NOT FLY Ryan Air, if you do it'll cost you more than with BA or any other company!!


My Favourite Search Engine

The Best Search Engine and all the add-ons are great
Google Chrome is the Best Browser


Is local to me but not big

Every time I go to Tesco their prices go up, what happened to this new Scheme on prices they are advertising, or is that just in Larger Stores??


Great way to get rid of old unwanted items

Sell it to somebody who really wants it, after you no longer need it!!


Its There, Everybody and their Dog is on it

Everybody uses Social Media now, its becoming boring, especially when you don't know half the people that connect with you!!

Be Careful, be very careful.

It has it uses but it has its down sides also

T. Toft found this review useful


What a Joy IMDB is

You need any info on any Film or release or Actor/Actress etc. its all here at your fingertips!!

Enjoy searching through everything about Movies


Have never qyite understood Twitter & Tweeting

140 words to say what you need to, Hmmm
Never quite understood Twitter or Tweeting, it seems like a pointless Idea to me, Yes I have an Account that other programs I use Tweet Automatically to, so I hardly ever go on it!!


Used be great, now has multiple problems

Skype used to be fantastic now that Microdoft have bought it they keep changing and altering it, adding things taking other things out.

It constantly spins at the side not delivering your messages, VIdeo is terrible quality now.

I'd Go to ooVoo If I were You!!


Can be problomatic, especially when requiring extra info

Be warned that your account can become limited by Paypal at their discretion then when they want more info to lift the limitation it can get very irritable when they keep wanting more and more although you provide what they want

Be Warned, Paypal is never as easy as they say it is!!.


Great Site, lots to purchase and great prices

Amazon is simple to use, and easier to pay.
Fantastic Website with just about anything you would want to purchase, and can send worldwide by adding in different shipping addresses to your account.

Highly recommended

Mazuma Mobile

Fantastic, easy to use and quick payout

Fantastic quick to use service, no hassles on website and very quick payout and turnaround on my account

I highly recommend MAZUMA Moblie to anybody that has old Mobile phones to get rid off.

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