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Do not deal with them

This company is appalling and cannot get there letters correct, take money without owing anything to them, send demand letters on 0 balances.

Do not deal with them.

Computers always down. !!!!!


Appalling company to deal with

Amazon you may think you are big, but you are losing customers by your own non delivery by your own company and taking money and not shipping goods.

You ar getting worse and do not blame sellers, this is you as lots of customers and company's are getting fed up with your unhelpful ness and non deliverys

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Fraud fraud fraud

I have been with orange for a,long time and since September 2013', I have had my direct debit details changed by them, with out my consent and a bank account I do not know, I rang them and they told me I must have rung and changed this, I said I did not, I then gave my bank details again and to my shock again a letter dropped on doorstep telling me someone else's bank detail, this happened for 4 months and still no nearer in them admitting this, they then received a call from who ever's bank it was to say I was putting the details on to my account and that this had been passed to fraud dept.

We have now no option but to call in police and watchdog as orange now say my password has been hacked and that someone we know is changing this.

We do not know anyone with this bank details and where they are located.

Orange have also said they have had technical issues as well.

They will not own up and have cut me off my phone.
They are a disgrace and have never known anything like this before.

December the 30th no solution


Mother Day Flowers Never arrive !!!!

Take your money quickly and do not deliver the goods, this company is appalling, expensive for none delivery of goods.
Avoid this company

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