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Portugal here I come: Refreshed

Thought I'd better book a stop over each end of my holiday as the outward flight is early, and the return flight arrives latish in the evening, making travel on the day impossible.
Also this means no frantic rush, or so I hope.
Booking was easy, and have used LateRooms before with no problem.

Dish(washer) of the day

Following annoying times when the dishwasher stuck part way through the cycle, or even initially, the fault was finally found on one of the switches on the PRESSURE CHAMBER.
This unit automatically switches on the drain pump if the machine leaks or overfills, but was stuck in the drain mode; exercising the switches had persuaded it to restart, or continue on its cycle, a number of times, but finally I located the relevant spare at
(A further search on the net found a video specifically for my model, showing how to change it.) I now have to wait for a day off when I can change it.

Easy to use, but!

This site is easy to use, but appears almost identical to several other train sites in layout and prices; is this indicative of shared data, as these sites have the same prices as each other every time I look.
Other sites, such as Red Spotted Handkerchief seem to be different, offer different prices, and are sometimes available before either TheTrainLine, or the other similar sites.
Shop around, you may find cheaper rates on the same travel dates, at approximately 10 weeks ahead.


Always good service

Whilst the signal strength in my area isn't great, I still achieve download and upload speeds well in excess of others in the area.
3MB/s and 300KB/s where others can be as low as 300KB/s and 30KB/s or even less on a bad day!
Their customer helpline has always been able to fix any problems quickly and courteously.


Very useful search engine

Almost always finds something useful that I am searching for, and sometimes finds things I wasn't looking for, but also prove useful.
I have only found 1 thing, and I forget what that was, where there was only 1 hit; usually the hits number in the 100's of 1,000's or 1,000,000s.


Usually prompt service

Only ever had 1 problem with an order through Amazon, not their fault or the supplier, the goods were lost in the U.S. postal system.
Prompt refund for the lost order.


Good Service

Always smooth service, but when something goes wrong, efficient at sotring it out quickly.

Prompt efficient service

My order for "Brabantia Pedal Bin Liner Compostable Green Size C 12 Litre 10 Bags" was placed with eBay on 1st July, despatched by "Godfreys IT Ltd" on the 2nd, and arrived with me on the 4th. (Promised for 5th to 6th July)
Very prompt service.

The bags will prove quite useful, as I used to get bags of that size from Sainsbury's, but they no longer stock them; only smaller ones, which dont' fit our bin.

18 July 2012

Reply from

Hi Bob, thanks for your kind review. If you have any ideas or comments that would make us worthy of 5 stars, please get in touch, our contact form is on the contact page of our website. Kind regards, Mike at buyaparcel.


Annoying e-mail ads

The title says it all.
Despite many attempts to stop them sending e-mail ads to my workplace address, it hasn't stopped.
It has now been added to the works blocked sender's list.
Sorry Argos, buck up your customer service ideas.

On the plus side however, the site itself is user friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to reserve items for later pick up in stores.
(Hence three stars not two.)


Extendible Pole & Apple Picker attachment

Both items arrived very quickly after ordering.
This weekend I assembled them, and proceeded to pick 10 kg+ of cooking apples from the top of our old very tall tree where, in the past, I would have had to let them fall off, to become bruised windfalls which would not have kept more than a month or so.

Watersports Warehouse

Excellent service, a shame that one product let it down

18th October 2011
Amongst other items, which were delivered with welcome speed, I purchased a Force Nano Diving Knife with chisel end (Stock Code 415622)
Having worn it for two dives on my recent holiday to Hurgada, the clip on the holster worked loose, and the knife is now down at the bottom of the Red Sea. I feel the clip is not of sufficient strength to hold the knife, or at least on the one I had it wasn't.
Otherwise, the service was excellent, and all items were available from stock when ordered.
19th November 2011
Having informed WW of the problem with the knife holder, they asked that I returned it for inspection, and they speedily agreed that the clip on this unit was faulty. They also suggested several scenarios where the clip may have been damaged in diving, which indeed could well have been the cause this time.
As a very generous gesture, they have replaced the knife with a new one, which they have tested prior to their sending it to me.
I have therefore increased my rating from 4 to 5*

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