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Squeky bum time.

Tried the meet and greet for the first time, overall I was happy. However!!! I followed the instruction to call the car park when 30 minutes out, typically i couldnt remember my dedicated user code. Note to self WRITE IT DOWN.
So im doing my best to find the correct email on my Iphone, young lady on other end insistant I give the code, registration number, address etc not enough.
All this at 66 mph at 4.40 in morning I didnt need the hassle. Fair enough though, 10 out of 10 for data security.
Having established I was whom I said I was, now told to call again when 10 minutes out. Despite all this there was nobody to meet us when we arrived. Eventually a guy turned up full of appologies checked the car filled in the paperwork and we could catch our flight. Just made check in by 2 minutes.

Return service was great, called the car park on exiting passport control. Car ready and waiting at pick up point.
Nice and clean no extra milage no damage.

Use this service its cheaper than a cab. Just give yourselves extra margins timewise.

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