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Just like the Banks

I discovered this week that my Business Broadband charge was £10 per month more than that being charged to a new customer. When I phoned up to complain, they changed me to the new rate, but when I asked why they hadnt told me, they said it was my responsibility to check whether I'm still on the best rate.

And they wonder why they lose customers!


Amazing Detail

Signed up for a free trial of the Multi Agency Credit Report. What fantastic value. Data from all three agencies all in the same easy to understand format.


Kindle Repair

When my Kindle broke down I phoned them up expecting hassle, but thats not what happened. They immediately despatched me a new one and arranged for the old one to be picked up. Fantastic service.

Wool Overs Ltd


Great products at a great price. Customer service is there as well when needed.


Great shop but too expensive

I love browsing around Maplins, but only buy if I need something immediately. I would be happy to pay 10% more than the market, but 25% is too much


Great shop, terrible customer service

I like the sstore and the goods are excellent value, but try and complain online and the response is terrible. They resisted paying me compensation for months even though the amount in question was only a couple of pounds.


What a great place!

Where else can you get two rechargeable AA batteries for a pound? Or a HDMI cable? Go to B&Q and you can expect to pay over £20 for an HDMI cable.


Sending Bills When I'm Not a Customer

I stopped being a customer of O2 almost three years ago, but this week I received an email telling me that a bill was on its way. After emailing the help desk, I eventually was told by O2 to ignore the email as there must have been a system problem. What else have they done with my email address by mistake?

Pest Stop

Get rid of your mice....

The pest-stop Electronic Rat Killer is a fantastic device that kills rodents by electrocution. Battery operated it doesnt have to be connected to the mains. Only two minor criticisms:

1. Its not easy to clean out
2. The batteries are difficult to add.

But it does what it says on the tin. Every time it is set it catches a mouse. Hopefully the scratching in my attic will soon come to an end.

Would be good if I could get it to install!

I'm having terrible problems trying to install 2012 on my workstation. The help desk is trying hard, but its still not working. Fortunately I have been able to install it on my laptop so all is not lost. The product is excellent as is the web site.


The costs are never what you think

Warned me over the phone that if I had to make a call to their technical support tram it would cost me £60. Doesnt matter whether its my problem or theirs its still the same charge.

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A Leicestershire lad who has had to live with an unfortunate name! Retiring soon.