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A good service but very annoyed by the introduction of charges for lower amounts, when previously HIFX always traded on no charges.

I have used HIFX for many years, generally buying around £5k at a time, sometimes more, and occasionally large amounts.
I needed an unusually small amount of Swiss Francs, and focussing on the rate (reduced for a small amount - fair enough) I was very annoyed to then find an additional £9 charge, where buying, say, £5k has no charge.
So you end up paying twice for smaller amounts, VERY annoying. So much so that for smaller amounts I'll now look to other competitors.
And I have been a loyal customer until now.

23 August 2013

Reply from HiFX

Dear Graham,

Thanks for taking the time to post the review.

I'm really sorry you were dissatisfied with the fees charged. We do try to make it clear across the website and our online platform that there is a transfer fee of £9 for amounts below £3,000.

You're absolutely right - a few years ago we used to cover the fees the banks charged however, more and more banks both in the UK and overseas, are increasing their international banking fees and so, as I'm sure you'll understand, it's simply not possible for us to do this anymore (i.e cover the unnecessary charges other financial institutions levy).

To ensure we continue to offer consistently competitive exchange rates, every couple of weeks we get an independent research company called DQM to check all the main high street bank/building society exchange rates to make sure our overall price (including banking charges, exchange rates and other fees) is better. We also include all the main currency co's.

As a result, HiFX has a hard earned reputation for providing excellent value for money, complete peace of mind AND great customer service if and when you need it. It's this mix which we believe, makes us unique and why we've transferred over £100 billion on behalf of both business and personal customers.

You may well find a smaller broker who is prepared to under cut the rates we offer to get you onboard. But will they consistently offer you these same rates for each and every transfer you make with them in the future? Can they offer you the same level of security to keep your hard earned money safe and will you have real piece of mind when trusting hem with your hard earned money?

We're not complacent by any means and we're constantly looking at new ways of improving the services we offer in the future so watch this space, but as i said when it comes to offering value for money, complete peace of mind and the best security in the industry we honestly believe we offer a unique service.

Thanks once again for choosing HiFX and for your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Mark Bodega
Director - HiFX


Does the job, but not really substantial enough and tricky to fit

What I was really looking for was something like the very good value Swish metal poles, but I needed to fit into a bay with 2 bends and didn't like any of the joints that the cheaper poles use.
So the Cameron Fuller poles were the best option as they offered a bending service, although only on the 19mm pole, not the 32mm - They were rated for heavy curtains however. One of the features is the mid support on each side with the pass over rings, although this is not unique - we have another bay pole (inherited with the house) that has the same (but better) solution.
Whilst the pole is a bit insubstantial, the real issue for me is the poor brackets. Even the cheap Swish ones are much better - they have a diagonal support and good adjustment. The lack of adjustment makes fitting very difficult and much care is needed if you have an old house with thick old style plaster walls - impossible to drill very accurately - and there are 5 brackets, a total of 8 holes, all critical to getting the pole looking straight and 'right'.
Also whilst long enough, the screws provided are too thin for a good depth rawlplug.
The way the pole fixes at the finials is neat enough, but again difficult as it makes the cutting of the pole critical before you can really see how well it sits in place.
I also have a 1.5m long straight pole for another window to match in the same room, and even at that length the 19mm pole really needs a centre support, but that is only provided on the longer poles.
The plus points? Well with a lot of care in fitting it does the job and looks OK. The real winning aspect is the superb basket finials.
The service from ThePolesCompany was very good and prompt.

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