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Dino PC

Good specs Good price......needed some tweaks

I have had the machine for a couple of weeks now, so time for a review

For the price I paid, the machine has very good specs. I would have paid over £1000 else where
Delivery was was good at just over the two weeks
You get the operating system disk and driver disk, useful in the future


There was no communications other than an email the day before it arrived, luckily my wife was in. When I looked on the website all it said was my order was being processed

The packaging is massive and since you have to keep it other than paying £20 to get a new box, I had to store in in the garage

I had to play with some of the installed software to get my high end games working (But that may have been the operating system)

The front USB ports did not work. On looking inside I found a loose plug

Finally I wanted to put the hard disk from my old machine into the new one. I found there was only one SATA drive power lead long enough to reach the hard disk bays and this was being used by the installed hard disk drive. I bought an extension from the internet and have it fitted now

I gave them 4 out of five because I am willing to get my hands dirty and have a little IT knowledge. In the end I have a great spec machine working as I like it


CRAP comapny

CSL - Now Sofa works

On the 18 of August I bought and paid for a new suite from the store in Lincoln. We were advised by the salesman that is could take up to 12 weeks to prepare, but usually the order would be completed well before. We were happy with this as we were going on holiday early September. So we asked for any time after mid September. Early November there was still no sign of our suite. The twelve weeks meant it would be delivered latest the 10th November. Mid November we were informed by CSL(Sofaworks) that due to their suppliers letting them down they could not deliver until the end of November. Strange considering they claim they are the "Match Makers" finding our sofa soul mate not some other company!
I finally contacted them at the end of November to be told that they could not delivery my suite until the 17th December (Four months after ordering and paying for it)
I arranged for a day off and waited patiently. I watched my allotted four hour time slot 10:45 to 14:45 come and go so I rang CSL. I was informed by the staff that my suite was fourth on the van and would be delivered that day. I asked if they had any contact with the delivery van and she said yes did I want her to do this? Of course I did!!!! After a wait she came back and stated that they were not answering the phone and that she had left a message. My thought was "Yeah right!"
Around 17:00 CSL rang back to inform me that my suite would not be delivered on that day. So much for it being on the van, so much for them saying they had left a message with the drivers. When I asked about this they apologized stating they had been wrong!!!! They said it could be delivered Friday to be told no way would I be taking another day off work. They then agreed on Saturday 21st December. As compensation for the delay they agreed to give me back my delivery fee.
I was told that I would get a text Friday to inform me of the delivery time slot. Friday evening there was still no text so I rang CSL. I also used their website were I was informed I could get the latest updated. It stated that my suite would be delivered on the 17th December between 10:45 and 14:45, so much for up to date information! After an hour on hold I decided to go down to the store in Lincoln. I was informed by them that they had no time slot and we could use their telephone to contact them. What, to wait on hold for another hour. She assured me that it would be delivered Saturday. Let me say I had no faith in that promise.
So Saturday the 21st December we were expected to wait in all day for a suite to be delivered. 16:00 still no sign of the suite. I rang CSL waited about an hour on hold to be told by the staff that my suite would not be delivered today. I asked why and was told after a delay that it had not even been put on a van. I told them I wanted my money back to be asked if I wanted to speak to a manager.
When the manager came on the line she explained why the delay with our furniture. Apparently they had problems with their computer, Strange that I have a paper copy of my delivery details so why could they not use these to get my suite delivered?
I told them I wanted my money back, she replied that as a final effort they could deliver Monday the 23rd December and that she would give me back my delivery fee. I was exasperated, was that the money the staff were supposed to have reimbursed on Tuesday!! I asked this and she said a form had to be completed and sent to finance. So it takes three days to get a form to finance. I could have sent a letter second class to Australia in that time!!
I now await a phone call from finance on Monday…not holding my breath

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Dire Company

I recently took out motor insurance with them through gocompare. When I got to their website I found I had to pay extra for the services I wanted and had filtered for on gocompare.
They also wanted copies of mine and my spouses plastic and paper licenses plus proof of no claims. Since most information is on computer now why are they asking for this?
When I went to cancel the policy they slapped me with a bill of £50, despite being inside the 14 days cool down.
Not to mention the run around I had just cancelling the policy!
This is the first review of this company. If you want more reviews try "Moneysupermarket". There are 55 reviews, 52 of which are bad.
I rest my case.


Can't Fault Them

I have a diabetic dog so I regulally use VioVet.
From the start all my orders were filled efficiently and at a reasonable price (Cheaper than the vet).
Recently they provided an email reminder service...Brilliant

Top marks.

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