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Fantastic service and great products

I recently purchased a levistick from homeofpoi.

It arrived very quickly (2 days later. considering it came from New Zealand it was very impressive!) and when I opened my parcel not only had they given me my levistick, but I had money off vouchers for all my friends, and every time they used my discount I get money in my homeofpoi account! fantastic marketing move!

I really recommend this company to whomever wants to buy circus/juggling/performance equipment.


Not as good as you'd think.

Originally our house was supplied by Tiscali, and while we were with them we had fantastic service. Then Tiscali was taken over by talk talk in 2009. Since then our internet has become intermittent and almost unusable. It is infuriating to have to refresh the webpage I'm trying to view 15 times before I can view it.

On top of this, our internet is paid for by our landlady (included in the rent), and the bills were always sent to her. Since Talktalk's take over, the bills have been sent to us, but addressed to her. we have phoned to change where the bills are sent to repeatedly, but talktalk insist on sending them here, and now when we phone we're told the landlady has to phone, not us. yet when the landlady has tried they refuse to redirect the mail to her. This is only mildly annoying but you'd think that as every other bill we have is sent to her, talktalk would manage it too.


Funny site, bit pricey...

I love trawling through Iwoot looking for presents on a winters evening. What I don't like is actually buying them. often I find it is cheaper to spot something I want and then buy it elsewhere.

On the several occasions I have bought their products they have always arrived safely and on time.

The website is very funny and easy to use.

All in all, a good company, shame about their prices!


Maplin, you're ok.

I only awarded Maplin 3 stars because of their prices. They aren't cheap.

On the other hand, they provide far more of a range than most electronics stores, what with their project boxes and telescopic ladders...

All in all, I have recieved good customer service from these guys, and my other half has a fit every time we drive past because he thinks we might be popping in. It's a bit like a dog in the car, thinking we might be going to the park when really we're going to the vet.

On another note, the block rocker's that Maplin sell are well worth the huge amount of cash they cost. Fantastic product!

I just changed you to four star because of that product. Well done you!


O2, I love you!

I have been with o2 for many years (after a brief and silly fling with another network, but we don't talk about that period).

Recently I decided that I wanted to purchase a blackberry, but on Pay As You Go.

I have found that o2's blackberry sim is absolutly fantastic. I top up my £15 pounds a month and then I get Blackberry Services, 500Mb AND 500 texts, all COMPLETELY FREE!!!!

Then, when I had a problem setting it up, I went on to their website, and a friendly guy popped up and started chatting to me about how to fix the issues! It was quick, easy, and I didn't have to spend forever on hold whilst paying a fortune on my phone call.

O2, I will NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN, and I'm still really sorry about that incident where I did for 2 months. It was a mistake. Forgive me?

Protect your bubble

Issues with my claim because it was a gift.

In August I insured my iPod Touch and with Protect Your Bubble after my previous insurance ended.

I decided to get the Loss Insurance as an added extra, despite my being a student and therefore unbelievably poor.

Both of these items were gifts from my mother, and I treasure them as there is no way I could afford them myself, hence getting insurance.

When I had my iPod stolen I was devastated, even more so when I found out the police were going to consider it as a loss as I did not actually see the guy take it out of my bag. My only relief was that I had bothered to pay the extra for loss cover.

When I phoned protect your bubble (less than 24 hours after the disappearance) I was asked to send my proof of purchase, a screenshot of the iPod being registered as lost on immobilise, and the serial number to them via email, which I did. I received an automated reply saying that I would be contacted by protect your bubble within 48 hours.

9 days later I gave in and called protect your bubble, having heard nothing from them.

When the call was eventually picked up I had to wait for the operator to find out about my claim, and when he had found out I was put on hold for 20 minutes. When he eventually got back to me I was told that my claim had been denied because my name was not on the receipt. but then, as the iPod was bought from HMV, no one's name was on the receipt. I then suggested that I try to find the extended warranty documents that had been purchased with the iPod to see if my name was on those.

I hung up and located the documents to discover that unfortunately, no one's name was on those either.

So, I rang back (another 20 minutes on hold!) and suggested that I have my mother send over her bank statements proving that the iPod was purchased by her, 7 days after my birthday. I was then informed that the reason my claim was rejected was actually because my iPod was a gift, and therefore not purchased in my name.

I have since emailed protect your bubble showing the iPod's registration in my name on the apple support website, but I have not yet heard any reply.

I am thoroughly disappointed with this company, as I expected them to be fair and they are not. I am sure many other people have insured gifts from their family and have had the same problem. I had read the terms and conditions before I purchased my cover, which is how I knew to report my loss to them and the police so quickly, I must have misunderstood this part of the terms and thought that registering the product in my name would count. It seems that no matter how careful you are, they will always find something to trip you up.

Now I wish I'd spent my insurance fees on beans on toast. It'd have got me further.

UPDATE: Yesterday I sent an email to PYB stating my complaint, and got another automated message saying someone would reply within 24 hours. Guess what folks, it's been 24 hours and no reply. How about I keep you all updated as things go along? I'm going to call them in a minute, for an extortionate amount of money. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I don't want to delete my previous review, because it did still happen, BUT I have now received a phone call from Owen (who seems like a nice chap. at least, he didn't mind me screeching down the phone at him in glee) at PYB stating that due to the closeness of the relationship with my mum they are going to accept the claim. I am delighted because the iPod was very important to me, and although I won't be getting the exact same iPod back, at least I'll have something. It is a shame that I had to go through all this in the first place, but all is well that ends well.

I DO think that PYB need to review that clause in their terms and conditions before someone goes to the Office of Fair trading, the FSA or the Financial ombudsman and claims Unfair Terms, as this clause is not realistic or fair.

Either way, many thanks Owen for sorting me out!

25 October 2011

Reply from Protect your bubble

Dear Ms Finch,

We have passed your review onto a member of our customer services team, and they will be in touch with you tomorrow to see if they can assist.

Kind Regards,


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