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Cash Generator

excellent service! stress free!

Placed an order with them, very easy to add to basket & checkout, confirmation email arrived, followed by delivery email ... item arrived exactly as described, no faults, no flaws and well packaged and the whole process was very easy and stress free! ... Would order again in the future and recommend to family & friends


the best search engine ever!

I only use Google as its the best search engine ever...its quick and easy and doesnt give loads of useless websites that you didnt search for, which is really annoying with other search engines..Fast and reliable!

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brilliant website, lovely products

Harrods web site is lovely, easy to use and lots of information about the product that other companies seem all to often to forget. Plus they still allow you reward points even when ordering on-line. Well done Harrods for a nice easy to use website


excellant website

fantastic web site and i love the way you can alter your holiday price by booking flight meals or removing them, extra baggage or less, transfer to airport or make your own really is like finding your perfect holiday but then altering it to suit yourself and your budget...Well done first choice!


poor service

used this company once...and never again...the dress said it was in stock only to receive an email saying that it would take 3 weeks to deliver because it wasnt in stock and would refund if i couldnt wait 3 weeks. Why do companys say it is in stock when clearly it isnt! very disappointed with very.

not an up to date service

used late rooms once before but i dont find there service up to date..i booked a room only to receive an email saying its not available..the prices they offer i usually find cheaper by booking with the hotel direct so i only use there service to find hotels in the area.

Easy to use and saves money! FAB

This is one of the best trainline booking companys ever!...there web site is so easy to use, you can clearly see the prices, text your travel details to your mobile and there delivery service of tickets is fab...never ever been let down by the trainline and i have used their service lots of times..Well done Trainline!


best review website for hotels

I have to admit, I wont book a hotel or holiday until i've checked trip advisor first and looked at the traveller pictures, it has certainly saved me from booking some shoddy hotels in the past and its about time hotels realised that the paying customers wont put up with it anymore..I really like the hotels that take the time to response to their customer complaints and attempt to rectify them and that trip advisor gives the hotel an opportunity to respond...Thank you trip advisor!

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excellant value, lovely products

I love Iceland...especially for parties and christmas...the prices are fab and i love how they do a nice big family pack...ideal for familys, the only moan i have with iceland is that there fresh fruit and veg always seems over priced, which is disappointing for mums trying to buy lots of fruit and veg for children, but the frozen veg is excellant value and taste


Great food, Great prices!

Aldi has my vote all the time! weekly shopping in aldi can cost anything between £70 - £100 per week for 6 of us, but i know if i go to any of the other big supermarkets it is more than doubled and that is buying the bigger supermarkets low cost value brands...also i love the special offer aldi do with fruit & veg every week, only disappointment i have is that they dont do much vegetarian food, would love to see veggie burgers, nut roast etc...then i wouldnt have to go to another supermarket at all


is anything in stock anymore!

I use to love Argos...but recently have been really disappointed with there anything in stock in your local store?...not very often!..they seem to like you ordering now for home delivery, but when i'm already going into town by the store I dont want to pay for delivery or come back to the store the next day!...come on argos!


excellant service and brilliant prices!

I love amazon...the service is great and the prices are fantastic...wouldnt use any other company because i know when amazon say they are delivering...they deliver!.

Hotel Direct

Excellant service & prices!

if you want up to date prices, and up to date availability then go to hotel direct...used all the other web sites before only to receive an email later saying it wasnt available! least hotel direct are constantly up dated and when you book, you know you've booked! also the prices are a great bonus x

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