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If you want honesty .read this review

Very good service by the company .very quick without any complications with the equiptment.
the only let down was with the delivery company who I believe tried to deliver to the wrong address 1st.still, once re-scheduled for the following day the parcel arrived promptly and on time without defects. it was still delivered much faster then other companies.
I will also point out the eqiuptment is not completly wireless as you still need a power source for the camera and recorder. come up with a joint rechargable battery or power type that lasts for 12 hours and I think you will get more sales. still a very good product.
thankyou spy camera and to the staff I had direct contact with.

23 July 2013

Reply from SpyCameraCCTV

Hi Alex, Thanks you for the honest and positive feedback for our team, I've passed your thanks on to everyone.

Kayla Maratty
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thesignbuilder for a real builder.

I found the service spot on. the set out was easy to use and you were able to make changes before buying. very straight forward.the service from start to finish was fast.
I will recommend thesignbuilder to any one.


fast and speedy especially for those needy

I found trueshopping fast and reliable without complication.
pay method was easy and when I fogot to put my house number in the driver rang and asked politely and gave me an estimated time.definatley will recommend and if needed will use again
thank you .

ALEX and thanks for your order´s profile

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ALEX and thanks for your order
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