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Tesco Price Match is Deceptive

If you see a product marked "Tesco Price Match" would you think that it meant that the product would be the same price as Tesco?

On Ocado it means something completely different, it actually means that the item is probably on special offer at Tesco but Ocado are proud to offer the same item at, in one instance 150% of Tesco's current price.

I did complain, after a long wait on their 0845 number, to a smug and condescending customer service operator. Only to have it suggested that I was foolish not to have read all the exhaustive terms and conditions in the very light grey, very small print in the terms and conditions.

Ocado, if you have to hide details of a promotion in the small print, then you have, by definition, something to hide.

The one thing I did expect from Ocado, was quality, let's be fair they don't have the overheads of the big supermarket chains, and their prices are considerably higher. I was however disappointed both with the standard of customer service and the quality of the fresh produce.

Ocado's only redeeming factor was the punctuality of the delivery and the freindly professionalism of the deliver driver.

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