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Just Eat

Love it

The main reason I love just-eat is because it cuts out the phone conversation with the take away. When you ring a take away more likely than not you have someone with very poor English on the other end so instead of receiving the Pepperoni Pizza you ordered you end up with 8 Donnor Kebabs and 13 chicken legs. Ordering it online is miles easier, faster and you don't need to understand Urdu or Punjabi...

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29 October 2011

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Hello Kerri-Anne,

I am really glad you have found Just Eat a convenient way to order your takeaway. We are always happy to communicate with the restaurant on your behalf in addition to sending and monitoring your order once you've placed it.

You are a valued customer of Just Eat so your positive feedback is truly appreciated. Thank you for using our service and we hope to welcome you back soon.

Kind regards,

Ruby Smith
Just Eat Social Media


City Link

Both great service, and very poor

I've had many different experiences with CityLink, my first few experiences were atrocious and I said I would never use them again. Their delivery time stated 9am-5pm, the first delivery was at around 7:30 am so it was missed. I then arranged for a re-delivery on another day and was told 9am-5pm, but yet again it came very early on in the morning around 7am but luckily someone was in to sign for the parcel. Between the re-delivery I contacted their customer service which was very poor.

I Got a new job a year later where I had to use CityLink quite regularly and they are fantastic. Delivery is usually next day and if the delivery is missed they even take a picture of the consignees front door so you have proof they attempted delivery.

Overall I think they are a good company but as with all courier companies the customer service is pretty poor.



The site and idea is very good but the majority of users only come on here after a negative experience, nobody thinks 'I've had a great product here I'll go and leave a review!'. The majority of people only come on here to complain so some of the review can be biased.

02 November 2011

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Keri-Anne

Thank you for your feedback.

We also have a lot of people leaving positive reviews. Furthermore, companies who have signed up as partners will often use our feedback feature that ask all their customers to review them.

Best regards,
Trustpilot Support


Amazing Phones

Recently bought a HTC Sensation and it's the best phone I've ever used, beats the iPhone anyday



So many useful services and products, I love the BBC news app on Android.

Cheap products, slow delivery

They offer good prices and have a good site but delivery can sometimes take up to a week



Best search engine and they offer so many different products and services. Give it 5 years and they'll probably have their own planet


Great site but be careful

e-Bay is great if you know what to look out for, there are a lot of dodgy products on there so always double check if an item is genuine or not.



Have used Orange for several pay monthly contracts over the years and I've never had a problem. Always have signal, never messed me around with a bill and have recently gave me a HTC Sensation with plenty of free texts/minutes/internet all for £8 a month. That's £192 over the 2 years, the phone costs around £500 to buy so how they can offer it me for so cheap I don't know.

Would recommend Orange over all the other mobile networks I've used, especially Vodafone.


Very poor customer service

Most mobile phone companies let people lower their tariff when on contract which many people will often need to do as the amount of texts/minutes they use increase/decrease. With Vodafone I had 900 free minutes, 1GB internet and unlimited texts, I was hardly using 100 minutes never mind 900 so I wanted to change tarrif.

Every other Mobile Network provider I've been with has been understanding and made this a simple process, you can simply log in online and change your tarrif, job done.

Vodafone on the other hand do not let you do this until after a year (which is only because they have to let you by law), I've had my contract for over a year so I decided to lower my tariff. I tried online and was told I couldn't do so, I rang their customer service who told me I couldn't, I went into a Vodafone shop and was told I could although there was a catch. I could only lower my tariff by £10 a month, taking 3 months just to lower my tariff to a reasonable amount yet if you want to increase your tariff to a higher one it can be done straight away. What a suprise!!

Also their website is the worst I've been on for a long time, most the services do not load and I get an error so I can't even do a simple task such as view my bill (my computer is high spec and I have the latest flash player, jave and Adobe Air etc.). Although the store when you can buy phones works fine.

It's safe to say I will never be using Vodafone again and will never recommend them to anybody.

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