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Don't complain, just don't help them; in this case by not shopping with them.

I personally detest this store. It's bland, depressing and traumatic to shop at. I don't rate the quality of their produce nor think much about their chauvinistic staff - akin to police who murder and practise double standards. For a genuinely nicer experience I shop at independents (health food stores) or Waitrose where the price is comparable and the quality and service superior.

Vegetarian Shoes

Peace of mind.

Well designed website showcasing fantastic, durable and stylish products with an ethical (vegetarian) edge. Product details are good as you'd expect and staff favourites are also given a small accent with a link at the top. I've bought from this Brighton-based shop numerous times and have never been dissatisfied with my order. Many of their products are made in England and some in mainland Europe. Going by experience the build quality is great - a previous boot I owned didn't disintegrate as skin shoes may have - and I only replaced them once the super tough sole had mostly worn away. They've also been endorsed by Natalie Portman.


A common store

An okay kind of store which doesn't leave me either looking forward to my purchase or having enjoyed my shopping experience. Their stores are fundamentally bombed out regardless of their blue and white exterior, and although their prices might be marginally lower my favourite other food store (Waitrose) does not leave a bad taste in my mouth or stomach unlike Tesco. As for Tesco's shop assistants I've found a lot of them to be a bit too aggressive for my liking. One in the Goodge Street branch once had the nerve to rip away my receipt from my left hand, without subsequently apologizing. Frankly I'm pleased that the African twit has stayed out of my way since I still find it convenient (and nothing more) to shop there.


Good value help.

My favourite outdoors shop (one with a lot of branches on the high street) I've always found the staff to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable - unlike some Millets' stores (particularly the one beside the ELC along Kensington High Street, London). Good value although their range seems to be primarily Berghaus, North Face, Peter Storm, and Columbia. Other European brands aren't available if you happen to be looking for them.


A world awaits.

You can upload videos if so desired with membership but also get around the daily time limit, imposed on those who haven't got a paid subscription - which really is not that much anyway. In my experience and in terms of streaming speed it's far quicker than say, and you'll also access what seems like a lot more material. It's not really possible to search for your favourite shows through the megavideo site itself. From other sites you might be presented with a series of links from which to choose from. I would opt for the megavideo ones simply because they're more widespread and reliable, furthermore you can also adjust screen size which helps with resolution. If you find speeds are static just pause the video and leave it awhile.


Googoo - Lady - Gaga

Great shop with clearly marked age and skill indicators for the products they sell targeted to the discerning pre-toddler, toddler or small one. I also like the fact that on their website you can set filters to disregard whether it's a girl or boy for whom you're browsing and possibly ultimately buying. The store I visit occasionally happens to get a little cluttered, but for its size displays a large variety. The staff are welcoming and without furrowed brow.


Beauty from within.

A great health store with a lot of vitamins, minerals and other supplements available to everyone. You'll need to know yourself and what you require - if not I've found the staff at their stores are knowledgeable up to a point, based on any information you happen to provide. They have a lot of promotions - such as the penny sale - and have recently introduced a loyalty card which has earned me a voucher in no time at all. They also stock body building supplements if you want to increase your body fat to resemble a slow Gorilla, but not as much as GNC with their whey vomit. What I like about them most are their competitively priced and far fresher nuts, plus a host of other yummy snick-snack products such as Nakd, and Wallaby bars.


Heavy with the hood.

I've only ever shopped from one of their central London stores but I've found their products to be reasonable quality at decent prices with several splashes of bright colour - however like most high street stores there's nothing remarkable about their inventory. As for customer service I can honestly say that most of their sales reps are clueless clothes folders, and as for an Afro-Caribbean bloke at the pay area near Tottenham Court Road, he was as friendly as a wall of drying paint. That said he wasn't quite as bad as the one in the Nike Town store (first floor) in Oxford Circus.

In shape.

Great stuff, I buy a lot of my sports needs here - from gels to running clothing as well as jammers and goggles. Prices are good, delivery secure and prompt, the service team are quick and reviews are clear and generally spot on. They also deliver cycling gear and have a ladies-specific section.


The connoisseur's choice.

They're a thoroughly fantastic alternative to Amazon without the infamy of harassment of employees. I've noticed on quite a few occasions their price is always a bit less than their more well-known rival - even though it might sometimes be just a penny. Unlike Amazon they do accept Paypal as well as card payments.


Know before you buy.

Cheap and rapid their motto might be, but it always feels like a cattle market whenever I'm in any of their stores. If you're in then out knowing exactly what you want to purchase, aware of stock levels through their website beforehand, the cost should ease any stress you might experience in the pen.



Good site and airline servicing Europe, parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It's simple to manoeuvre your way around their pages and booking couldn't be simpler. I can handle the extra charges for baggage but don't particularly like the fact that they charge for card payments, which seems a bit unwarranted to me.


Yes, Yes, Yes !

Why anyone would want to walk into a travel agents or use other sites for flights only is beyond me. Kayak filters everything down and is far easier to use and quicker than Skyscanner. You can also adjust to your own preferences if you have a favourite airline, or just browse with approximate calendar dates. The site makes it clear what are the cheapest seats available at any one moment.

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My favourite supermarket out of the biggies I've found the staff to be far more friendly and less prejudiced than the rest - Sainsburys in particular - and the product range in my view exceeds others in this sector of the market. Since prices are comparable the crucial thing of shopping experience is wonderful - I don't leave feeling nauseous.


Great stuff !

An outdoors store and although US-based they deliver internationally. I've only bought from them once but got my gear reasonably promptly.


Total !

Aesthetically pleasing, wide-ranging search results which you can filter easily and quick to get them up.


Great, secure and easy.

Using them avoids having to enter your personal details over the net, ensuring peace of mind over financial transactions.

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I hear they have horrendous labour relations, but in terms of their service I can't fault them - they're brisk and package things well and get back quickly with queries.



Comprehensive guide to your favourite films and TV series, there's usually a short synopsis of the plot at the head of the page with a cast list lower down. With newer films there also might be an embedded trailer. Quick to the point as a reference tool !


Very good.

Daily Motion is an alternative and although that site has more film material I personally like You Tube's less annoying ad breaks. The latter site is also - on the whole - a lot quicker at loading each video.



The site crashes frequently and each page is congested with text. The colour scheme is atrocious but more pertinently the user experience is difficult and frustrating. I no longer fly with them - hurrah !


Straightforward and easy to use.

The website's easy to navigate, pages load quickly, and the hostel rates are generally lower than those on Hostelworld.

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