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From cellar to stellar

I ordered a pair of Audio Engine A2s and a pair of Aktimate Minis to replace equipment that was burgled from my home.

Although the A2s arrived in excellent condition, the Aktimates were damaged and components such as the power cord and remote were missing from a box that suggested that the product I was sent was far from new.

Long story short (a story that included me needing to prod on Twitter, being promised replacement speakers then being told that there would be no replacements until December), the ultimately marvellous Penny arranged to send me a pair of Aktimate Maxis for my troubles. At no extra cost.

Sadly these too arrived much the worse for wear.

Penny again stepped up and replaced the speakers within 24 hours.

Outcome: I have a marvellous set of Aktimate Maxis that are pristine and a great deal of respect for Penny and the way she dealt with Audio Affair's initial shortcomings, shortcomings that -judging by the other reviews here- are not unique to my case.

Come on Audio Affair; make Penny's job easier and thoroughly check your product before it ships!

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