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Mr. Delight

Totally unaccepatble experience

I have recently bought couple of items from on-line store. Problems:
1. They say - will ship your items within 24 hours. Purchase made on the 22d of July. I requested shipping info on the 29th. It appears to be not shipped yet. Reply I get in the email: "All our staff went out for a tour annually, so we can not arrange the parcels. Please understand." OK - I understand, - just a week, come on!
2. Item - soft box - supporting strips are not bending the right way, the material is very rough - it is practically impossible to get correct shape of the box. But most importantly - the whole construction is so fragile, that if you are lucky to set it once, I'd say - keep it that way forever, because there is no guarantee you will be able to assemble that "thing" another time again, without breaking it.
2. Item - barndoor - built quality is so pure, that even if it worked, I am afraid it would not last long, unless you are going to use it as decoration. But, the one I received, had 4!!! hinges broken straight out of the box. I sent them pictures complaining.
3. Item - studio flash trigger, 2 channel. Received single channel. The sender unit has no fixing ring, therefore slips off the hot-shoe after the slightest move. More - it would not fire every second time. Complained again.

So here is what I get back - "For the mistake made on our listing, we really feel sorry about that. We would like to refund the cost of the two items to you . But the refund can only be arranged after we have the return item. Please understand. According to the return policy, the return fee should be under the buyers' account..."
I have checked - the return would cost me 30Eu, which is more than replacement items cost. And what, if I get another faulty set? Ship it again? Another 30Eu? You have to be donkey!
Tried to clarify that, but they do not bother to reply to my emails anymore. Looks like they keep this on-line shop to sell all "brokes" and returns that are not as easy to get rid of on E-bay. Stay away - this is

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09 January 2010

Reply from Linkdelight Co., Ltd.

We have tried our best to solve the problem for you and reply to your every emails but without your cooperation , just unreasonable request" I request these all three items to be replaced, or refunded soonest, including corresponding part of the shipping cost." We tried to replace the items for you and would like to offer coupon as compensation on return postage. As you know, we have our own policy. We suppose you have agreed to the purchase policy before the transaction.

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