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I've had a few great deals of this site for both flights and hotels and also car hire. It doesn't always seem to be the cheapest these days as much as it used to be though, but the site itself and it's customer service are great.


What a brilliant site. Great for getting cheap tickets or just for checking the times of the next trains on the app. Only down fall is the booking charge. If you find a cheap fare at a certain time you can buy it with no booking charge from the train company running the service. Drop the booking charge and you'd be the best.


Cheap is not always good

Clothes last 5 washes tops and walking into a Primark shop it like trying to wade through a 14 year old boys bedroom...stuff absolutely everywhere. Untidy, frustrating and terrible quality.


Cheap and cheerful

Not a bad company - not a particularly reliable service but I was helped with the problems I had and they really did put effort into helping. Excellent price.



Blatant disregard for community. Sucking the life out of small towns and pricing business out of the market. I will never shop at Tesco or One Stop.


Can't Fault It

Great range, all prices. Excellent delivery speeds. Excellent Kindle service. A++++



There has been a fault on our towers for nearly 3 weeks now. This is recurring and has been for over 6 months. After 4pm it's even impossible to stream videos without stopping and buffering for several minutes. This makes skype un-usable, iplayer, 4od - basically everything that requires more than 100kbps of data. I have a one plan with all you can eat data and apparently because I can use my phone still and it works fine up to a point, this is good enough. Every time I call up I unfortunately have to speak to someone in India who, whilst being very friendly, cannot and will not be pointed to me by one of the managers there, they are bound by their computer system and cannot offer discounts or offers based on customer disgruntlement...this is not customer service. Their coverage is generally good, but they just don't seem to care enough about providing a consistently good service. Shame.


Great food, poor service

I have used the Waitrose delivery service twice and both times have been disappointed with the service. Both times items were forgotten and both times items were substituted with items that were not particularly similar to those ordered. I'm fairly sure that it's more the fault of the local outlet rather than the company as a whole, but they represent the company and therefore let the side down. Examples are substituting Dijon mustard with English mustard and substituting a standard ale with some gimicky muck. Also organic veg was substituted with non-organic. Disappointed as I find their stores generally excellent.



The BBC have changed the layout of the regional sites and I don't find them very informative for the region they represent. Clicking on links takes you to the national areas like in News and Weather. It would be far better to have an almost stand alone regional site as regions are unique in their identities, especially in the West country.

Nature Shop


I ordered some boots after lunch time yesterday and they have already been delivered, less than 24 hours later. I was able to track my parcel too which is an added bonus.

I will definitely use this company again. This is the kind of service that deserves recommending.

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