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Ginger6 Computers

Not impressed with thpost-sale customer service.e

Bought a second computer from them as I have had the last one for years so thought they were reliable. Computer was delivered quickly and well packaged but unfortunately the sound card did not work and the computer would also not start at all so had to send it back. I was advised the BIOS had reset itself but no-one could explain why this had happened. One of their staff even suggested I had altered the settings which was laughable as I don't know anything about BIOS and did not appreciate the inference that I had caused the problem. The sound card had presumably come out its socket in transit. They were initially very reluctant for me to send it back but had no choice in the end as the computer clearly was not functioning at all!

Also, when ordering, they didn't have the sound card I wanted in stock which shows they do not update their website very often - it should show the items in stock only. They offered me an alternative sound card but it is not as good as my last sound card (I use the same surround sond system so am well equipped to compare both sound cards) and the software that comes with it is poor, even when I downloaded the latest drivers from their website, the problems with the software remained. I would not have had these problems if I had of obtained the sound card I asked for.

When sending it back, I packaged it as well as I could but, as the polystyrene was breaking as I put it back in the box, I could not package it in its original state. Apparently the computer arrived back to them in a damaged case. I had to pay an additional cost for a new case and so consequently I found the customer service was somewhat lacking - I don't think I should have to be paying extra when I was sending back a faulty product, especially when the damage caused was evidently caused by the courier. I had paid almost £1,000 for the computer which is not particularly cheap and so to be told I would have to be pay extra was disappointing but not untypical of the customer service I had witnessed up until then.

Overall, it would not be fair for me to say "don't buy from them and avoid at all costs" as they did deliver the computer quickly. However, I would say prepare for the computer not to initially work when it arrives (both computers I have bought from them had to be sent back and given what they told me about the way the courier treats the packages, I am not surprised about this) - this is certainly inconvenient and could leave you without having a computer at home at all. Also, if you do have to send it back, make sure it is packaged extremely well to avoid extra costs as this company certainly won't pay for any damage that occurs in transit and neither will the courier.

I found the pre-sales service to be good and a lot better than the after sales service which was poor. Even when they rang up to obtain the extra cost from me after the computer had been returned to me, the person I spoke to was not aware it had been sent back which did not give a good impression of the company i.e. they told me the computer would be delivered back to me soon when it was already set up in my house - they were obviously not briefed by their colleagues to say the computer had been sent back and so the communication between colleagues does not seem to be the best. I would also have expected a follow up call to apologise for the inconvenience and to check everything was now working once the computer had been delivered. They did not even ask this but were simply chasing this extra cost that I had reluctantly agreed to pay.

I queried the problems I was having with the sound card software after the card itself had been fixed but was told by the person on the phone that he had no experience of that sound card and could not help me. He did not suggest any future action from their end and just suggested that I should download the latest sound card drivers. Again, another example of poor service as he clearly was not interested in resolving the issue for me despite taking now over £1,000 of my money! I understand it might not have been his area but he didn't suggest speaking to his colleague or boss about it which is what I would have expected.

I would advise postential customers to look elsewhere and to perhaps shop somewhere close to home if you don't live in the West Midlands area. This company gave me the impression of being amateurish although I do note the other positive reviews that are on this site. Perhaps it is just their customer service that is lacking.

They certainly will not be getting repeat business from myself, my family nor my friends although my confidence in the computer I bought is not high so I expect to have to contact them again soon given that I have a 1 year warranty!

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