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Animed Direct

Not sure if this worked

I found this very difficult to give to one of my cats. The paste went everywhere but in the mouth! She clearly hated the taste and was just not having it anywhere near her. My other cat was much easier as I mixed the paste in with his traets and he ate them all up, no problem. Still not sure if it has worked though. The one that hated it is still really thin and is off her food, this is now 3 days later, not sure how long it takes to be effective but I think I should take her to the Vets as it may even be something else.

Pet Supermarket

Great Service!

Very prompt delivery, even though its free!

The Bed-shop

AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Really, really bad company

I ordered, on 31/7/09 a kingsize bed which was supposed to be in stock as it was under clearance and 2 bedside tables. They emailed to say the bed would be delivered on the 7th August. It did arrive, but they had sent 2 top parts, the reason I knew this was because the bottom part should have had a draw - no drawer present. We told the driver immediately but all he said was phone the company. My husband spent the next 3 days trying to actually speak to anyone from that company. Eventually he got through and was told the bed had been put on order and will be with us in due course, no indication of when. Meanwhile we have no bed to sleep on as we got rid of our old bed!

Several days later we were told that the bed will be with us on 18th August. It didnt arrive. When we rang to find out why we were told that it was delivered but no-one was in which is an outright lie -we were in all day practically sitting by the window waiting as it was that important to us!

They then emailed a new delivery date of the 19th - guess what - it didnt turn up! Reason? The van broke down - yeah right. This company lies through there teeth.

The next delivery day was for today - 20th - low and behold a van pulled up and it was them! Hurray we thought, but all we got was the bed side tables, still nothing to sleep on.

Today we thought enough is enough and contacted Trading Standars and they told us that we have to email them and ask when they will be delivering the bed to give them one last chance and if it isnt forth coming only then can we ask to get our money back - I'm just thinking, all this just to get our money back. I really want the bed and some sort of compensation for all the hassle and money lost through days of work and no decent nights sleep.

It is not right that a company like this can get away with what they do when all they have to do at the end of it if someone takes the trouble to go to CAB or trading standards is there money back - your just back where you started then, with no bed! There has to be a way to stop people like this. They are actually making me ill with all this, in fact just sitting here typing thisiis making my blood boil!

All I can do is try to spread the word and try to warn others to avoid this co. like the plague! I also found that they had traded on ebay but are no longer registered due to tons on negative feedback. I wish I'd done my homework before hand or I would never have ordered from them.

Allin all this bed has turned out to be massively expensive in more ways than one!

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