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What a joke. A bad joke.

I'm not one for writing many bad reviews, because someone inevitably has a good experience which makes my negative review look unreliable, but in this case, I have to say, RingCentral is bad. It's been weeks, and after a half dozen calls to find out why my fax number hasn't been activated, I'm still shaking my head wondering how they can stay in business. After talking to "Steve", "Max" and "David" over a two week period (all call center employees in India or some other place where they thinly disguise their accents and use friendly American names) I'm still waiting, with no reasonable explanation for the delay. I do, however, get tons of automated emails from RingCentral "customer service" telling me how happy I must be, and offering me up to $300 for referring another business to Ring Central (the referral is actually $10/line, so your friends need to sign up for 30 fax lines). Suck it RingCentral, I have a small business to run. I'm going with eFax.

UPDATE: within hours of posting my Trustpilot review, my RingCentral account was activated and I got an email apology. I'll run with it for a while.


best prices, reliable

I've ordered from them a few times now, and the parts are always what they say they are, and they always arrive quickly. The "no-name" parts work just as well as the name brand parts, at half the price. I've ordered things like HDMI cables and PC adaptors, and all have worked perfectly.

Simple and consistent, never a problem

-I check my order against other websites all the time. Supplement Warehouse prices are always within pennies of the competition. I've never had to use SW's price match feature, but it's nice to know it's there if I ever need it.
-Product usually arrives in 1-3 days. I've never had to call or check online to see where my order is.
-Products that are often out of stock on other websites (like certain flavors of Jack3d and ALRI Cr2) are always in stock at Supplement Warehouse.
-Website is very simple, they store my shipping info but not my credit card info, which seems to make the most sense.

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