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Perfect service

I bought 2 pc gaes from this company and cannot find a bad thing to say about them. Order arrived quickly and together which was great, some companies send out games separately which is rather annoying.
I would not hesitate in recommending this company.


I am not a thief!

My father- in- law tried to buy me a jacket from this company whilst on holiday at my home (I live abroad). However, the shop staff have ideas above their station and accused me of being a criminal! They have refused to process the order as the card-holder lives at a different address, despite the website stating that they will ask for ID and/or proof of residency. Since when did shop staff become fraud investigators?
Absolutely shocking!
Unless you wish to have libellous accusations thrown at you, do not use this company!


Take your money but restrict access to your goods!

Recently bought a Kindle Fire HD from as I was unable to order one from (for some reason, unless you live in the UK, don't want your business or your money when it comes to the Kindle, despite the fact that I live in another EU member state!). The gadget was sent to me quickly from the USA and almost as soon as I received it, I started to try to download apps to customize it to my specification. However, I have now found out that because I do not live in the USA or have an American credit card, I am not even able to download some supposedly free apps! Huh? Surely the World Wide Web does what it says and is not supposed to be geographically restricted by amazon - or anyone else for that matter! Why was I not made aware of these restrictions before I bought and paid for my Kindle? Turns out that I have paid a large amount of money (I had to pay extra tax because I ordered the Kindle from the USA!) for what is nothing more than a glorified e-reader. What a waste of money! I would have been much better off just buying books and using my PC for everything else....!

Beware if you are considering buying a Kindle from Amazon as you may not be able to use it for anywhere near the amount of things you thought you would!

It's a shame, too, as it's a great little gadget, but only if you can utilise it's full potential!

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Altra APS


Jag köpte och betalade för PEX-rör och rördelar, accepterade Altra betalning bara för att inte skicka ut dem direkt. Jag kontaktade Altra fråga där min beställning var bara att få veta att det var skickas. Fel igen altra .... Efter en vecka jag kontaktade dem igen och talade till Martin som sedan informerade mig om att de inte har röret i lager vilket är anledningen till att det fanns en fördröjning, efter att man en vecka tidigare att min beställning var på väg.
Jag kommer aldrig använda dem igen och vill uppmana försiktighet om funderar på att använda dem om du behöver något i en hast.

Glasses Direct


What an amazing service from start to finish. I have used high street opticians and supermarkets in the past and had many problems with the glasses not quite being right. After moving abroad I found that glasses are charged per lens and frames etc seperately making it very expensive. Glasses direct make it very simple to choose and order, and my glasses turned up by UPS 7 days later and are perfect. I can't recommend this company highly enough.

Hunts International

Take your money - and your possessions!

We chose to use Hunts International for our move from the UK to Sweden - what an extremely bad choice! Not only did they provide a smaller van than we had paid for, they also caused a lot of damage to our old house, plus paid no attention to the delivery date we had requested and turned up two days early meaning we incurred substantial extra costs. In addition to this, quite a few things were not even delivered! We are currently compiling a compensation claim against this company, but if you are considering using them, be very careful as their contract is very one-sided - it gives a maximum value of just 40GBP per item, box or set and even I know that my larger items of furniture are worth a lot mare than 40GBP! They also don't like bad reviews and get quite stroppy if you have the nerve to criticise their work, despite the fact that they don't stick to the terms of their own contract!

If I ever emigrate again, I would rather use a man with a van that this bunch of charlatans!

Edge & Wax

Bad experience, would NEVER use again!

I left a fairly poor review of this company as my experience with them was far from great. However, I have since received their response to my review and they have now made me certain that I will never use this company again! The item I originally ordered was NOT shown in their clearance goods, but was on the normal page advertising snowshoes (yes, someone else has also had the same problem that I had with this company advertising items they know are out of stock & unavailable!). I agreed to accept a lesser pair of snowshoes instead and the money I had overpaid was refunded - no grumbles there! However, for edge&wax to state that the reson the goods took so long to reach me was that I was not in the fiirst time delivery was attempted is complete rubbish! Not only was I keeping a very close eye on the progress of my order, when the order did turn up, it was delivered by the normal postman and NOT a courier! 45GBP for the Swedish post office to deliver my goods five days after they had arrived in the country is an exceptionally poor show and for edge&wax to LIE about this is even poorer. I also find it amazing that edge&wax can even try to fool people into believing them, as there was nothing shown on the delivery schedule to state that the first delivery had been unsuccessful! Either the courier company who edge&wax choose to use is wrong or edge&wax is wrong!

I may have given this company the benefit of the doubt before, but they have made my mind up - disgustingly poor service and I will never use them again!

05 November 2012

Reply from

Hello Steve. I am sorry that you are not happy with our service. I do have to point out that you were trying to purchase clearance product at discounted prices. Unfortunately when you are buying clearance product that is almost one year old, we will have occasions when we have stock errors or issues obtaining product, it is no excuse though and we apologies for the error. However, the goods were showing "in stock in warehouse, ships in 2-3 days" and we did ask the warehouse for these and contacted you 3 working days later when we were advised we could not order these. With regards to waiting, and waiting and waiting for your goods to be shipped, we simply wont use cheap shipping, we subsidise our shipping and use couriers. This means we have to book the courier, and wait for them (normally 48 hours) to collect the goods. You also paid standard shipping and not the priority service. Despite this we upgraded your shipping due to the errors. Regards sitting in a depot, as you must appreciate, we have no control once the goods leave our country, but I contacted the couriers and they say they attempted delivery and no one was in. They will not just leave goods outside otherwise we have no idea they have been delivered. They should have left a card, but we are hundreds of miles away so cannot verify that they did this for you! We do also send tracking emails so you can track your order to see the progress at any time, and one was sent to the email address given. As soon as we realised we had a stock error, we removed the items from the site (It was straight away actually, but I can only assume you were looking at a cached page, they could not have been purchased at the checkout though). So I am very sorry that you think my business is mediocre (We are a small ski shop with a small team of staff trying to offer great service), but I do feel although on this occasion we have not given our usual levels of service as can be seen on our other feedback, that I needed to respond to some of your points. If you do use us again in the future I hope we can prove that we can offer great levels of service. All I can say is look at out other feedback, as this seems to have been an order that has just gone wrong from start to end, and for that I sincerely apologise! Enjoy your snowshoes


Incompetant and unprofessional!

Do not use this company! We paid four thousand pounds for our possessions to be transported from South London to Sweden and have had nothing but disgusting service since we paid. Damage was done to the property we were leaving, damage was caused to our property before it was even loaded into the van, which was smaller than we had paid for, so we were forced to pay extra for another van to transport the balance of our stuff and then our possessions were delivered two days earlier than we had requested, meaning a substantial amount of extra costs to us! We have contacted Hunt's International to inform then that we intend to claim compensation from them and they have chosen to ignore us. We checked our belongings when we arrived in Sweden (and 2 days after they had been left at the storage facility) and it looks as though they have been thrown into the storage container. We have, at this moment in time, no way of even knowing whether all our belongings have been delivered.

Use at you peril! Unprofessional, untrustworthy, unresaonable and unhelpful! We could have damaged our belongings ourselves and saved the four thousand pounds! Absolutely disgusting!

This is Hunt's International (Removals) Ltd and/or, company number 2969895.


Great online estate agent!

Wow! What a great find! This online estate purports to market your house on all the major websites, plus a few less well known ones and gives three payment options for their services, all of which are extremely reasonable. We had tried a couple of high street estate agents and to be quite honest, they were rubbish - not returning our calls, not replying to emails, not even telling us who was viewing our house or getting our house details correct! Needless to say, we lost all faith in them, so decided to bite the bullet and try an online agent...... eMoov charged us just £299 + VAT (a total of £354) with an unlimited time period to show our house on loads of major websites, including Rightmove, Fish4Homes, Findaproperty to name but a few. They then fielded the calls and rang or emailed each time someone requested a viewing, and we sold our house within the first week, despite having been on the market with high street agents for the previous six months!

Exceptionally good value for money, great service, lovely and fully approachable staff - we would quite happily recomment this company to anyone who wants to sell their house! They do not 'value' so get a few high street agents round first, but then save yourself a fortune and go with eMoov!


Shoddy customer service

Ebay Buyer Protection is not worth the keystrokes! I purchased an item, paid using PayPal and the item arrived damaged. I contacted the seller immediately and received no response, so raised a dispute through Ebay. I had to wait three weeks, plus return the damaged item to the seller at my expense, plus had to prove when and where the returned item had been sent before a refund was offered, but only of the original purchase price, not the extra costs! This means I am over 50% of the original price out of pocket, but Ebay has washed its hands as it considers it 'job done'.

I will NOT be using again as it seems that Ebay is only interested in protecting itself and its sellers, with innocent buyers way down its list of priorities!


Great range of books, great customer service!

I have used this website several times in the past with no problem and have found their range of books comprehensive and competitively priced.

The only problem I encountered was a book I ordered last month which failed to arrive. I contacted The Book Depository to inform them and they advised that I should contact Royal Mail to see whether they were holding the item for me (no, they were not), but Royal Mail suggested I wait a few more days. The book still did not arrive, so I informed The Book Depository who duly agreed to send me out another copy at no charge to myself. This second book HAS arrived so I am more than happy with the service offered by this company and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Tyre Shopper

Super easy

The service center i went to was national tyre and autocare in redhill surrey and I must say they couldnt have been better. Quick and polite, I will certainly be using them again.

Wool Overs Ltd

Great company, great prices!

We have ordered items from Wool Overs before and were very impressed with both the quality of items available and the speed and efficiency with which they were sent to us. As such, we were more than happy to order again - and remain just as impressed with this company, despite the fact that we now live in Scandinavia so postage was always going to be more of an issue!

Once again, the items we ordered are of great quality and were sent quickly. Despite the extra distance they had to travel to reach us, they all arrived in good condition and the postage cost to get them to us was very reasonable!

All in all, a very pleasant shopping experience which we are sure we will repeat again and again and again.....

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