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The Happy Puzzle Company

seamless from placing order to receipt of goods

You cannot fault a company that accepts an order on a wednesday and delivers by the weekend. Goods are wanted for birthday/christmas presents so unable to review the products


Cheaper than the competition but.......

We switched to Medicanimal after a problem with our previous supplier but we lost the convenience of delivery via the company my son delivers for. We haven't had a problem with the current courier, but it is in the back of the mind. We have a monthly order for our elderly cat who requires a special renal diet


check your receipt......

we shopped in Sainsburys yesterday and discovered when I got home that they hadn't given the discount for buying two 4 litre cartons of Cravendale milk.. I'm sure that Sainsburys would argue that it was a genuine mistake but I would argue that it is a deliberate attempt to get customers to buy more without giving what they promised.

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E bay do not look after their customers

I had had an Ebay account for a few years when I had a problem getting a refund froma supplier. E bay said it was my problem and did nothing to sort it out. 12 months later they tempted me back with the offer of a £20 voucher and a promise to resolve the earlier problem (they did tell me they could'nt let me know the outcome though) What they didn't tell me was that vouchers have to be spent agains an individual item costing more than the voucher so when I placed an order totalling more than the voucher I didn't get the full value of the voucher. Ebay refused to budge so once again I closed my account. You can only judge a company by how they deal with problems - Ebay haven't got a clue in my opinion.


delivery within 48 hours of ordering..................

Like other reviewers, I have a cat requiring special food for a kidney complaint and the price at Viovet is about 60% of the vets price. Another afvantage for me is that my son workds for the courier company Viovet use so I don't have any problems getting the packages. I hope you don't read all these excellent reviews and start getting too big for your boots! It has been known.

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