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Just as promised

Everything went just fine


Had them for one month, nothing to complain

I have had them for one month so far. I simply cant complain about anything. On the phone they were kind and truthful explaining the conditions (I checked the contract afterwards), the subscription process was flawless (kept me well informed on how it was going by email), and the billing is crystal clear with no funny surprises. You can do everything directly from their webpage and they offer packages that fit me well. I also like the fact that they dont try to oversell you at all, on the contrary. One colleague had recommended them to me, I wouldnt have any problem recommending them to anybody else (while their service continues as it is)


Absolute crooks

My wife got a contract with Telenor. She got a 100 krones plan, when doing so she asked the customer service on the phone if all she will need to pay for was that + extra calls. They told her "yes". 1 month later comes the first bill, and first surprise: 20 krones extra for call forwarding (she never activated such a service). We call, "thats not what we agreed" => "sure we cancel the call forwarding", sounds good until here. Next bill comes one month later: "they gave her back 10 krones (out of 20 of the call forwarding) and they add 49 krones for "sending the bill on paper". In any moment we were told that there was extra charges for sending the bill by post, neither the previous bill had that concept, it just came our of thin air. So I called, after some time wasted going thru the menus + few mintues of silly music and advertise we get to talk with a woman. She quite unpolitely tells that she can cancel this extra concept, I asked her if not only she will cancel it in the future but they will give back the 10 krones for the forwarding + not charge for the new "bill on paper" concept. She sais she can't do that, she can only cancel the painments going forward (here i got pissed). After questioning the integrity of the company she works for, she told me "ok ok, I wil cancel both" and she hunged up.
What are you in telenor playing at? Do you want to waste your customers time every month forzing them to call you to cancel things they never agreed on? Do you aim at getting a few extra krones in each bill hoping customers will not realize?
In the moment her 6 months tied up period finnishs we are changing her number to another company.. this is clear, in the meanwhile we will have to suffer you.

07 December 2012

Reply from Telenor

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

I would be happy to help you and look into the matter described above, but need additional details. As such, I have sent you a private message that I kindly ask you to answer as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Danni, Telenor

Fast delivery and as ordered

Fast delivery and as ordered, nothing to improve



What i ordered arrived as fast as advertised


Pretty good

The only defect is that what i ordered was out of stock although the page did say there was stock. Otherwise it was handled perfectly by the seller. I was informed of this fact in a few hours from my order, and told when it could arrive if i was willing to wait or that i could cancel/change the order. I changed the order for a similar product and it arrived just 2 days after the first order. The seller was educate and proffesional in all moments.

Fullrate A/S

Very good

Had them for a few months and it has been a very reliable connection. No downtime that I recall.
Good ping (~30ms)
The modem synchronizes at 12Mbps and I get steady download data rates of that same (~1.2MBytes/s).
I dont give them the 5 stars because of having the call center open only during normal work hours, and needing to wait around 10 minutes to talk with them. But once I got to talk with them they are very educated and efficient.
Opening connection with them was simple, the router package came in a tracked package. Got regular emails informing me of the status. Once the router arrived I plugged it and worked.
Because I had first subscribed for 20Mbps but the line did not support so much i called them and they changed the subscription speed (and the billing) in the moment, and got a refund of the difference in the next bill.


Absolute joke of company

They take your money but they dont give you any service what so ever:
1) When purchasing the ticket the server crashed, but in some way the purchase was done.
2) A few dais later a fligh of the connection was canceled. They didnt even bother to send an email. You need to check regularly the flights status in the airline webpage (thats against EU regulations, they should inform you)
3) Took a long waiting to contact them but was finally possible. By phone they said they would check what can be done and email me.
4) 3 days later i got an email telling that the only options where to change the connection (CPH-KRK less than 3h total trip) into another one of 13h, the same 13h trip the next day or a refund.
5) I said I did not accept that, that they should provide a comparable alternative to the original fligth. So they answered saying that because they "informed me" more than 14 days before the departure the airline doenst have to do anything else.
6) I said that I dont agree. That the law states very clearly my rigths,and i have the rigth to be rerouted "under comparable transport conditions".
The next day I just gave up and asked for a refund of the ticket and bought directly from another airline webpage..

*) The company they use for keeping track of your reservation/fligth information is an absolute joke. It doesnt even have proper ssl certificates (is not amadeus as the page logos in the borders show).
*) They operate the company under several names/domains (e.g. All of them are the same (Den Danske Rejsegruppe).

I certainly DO NOT recommend it to anybody, there is a great chance you will have problems and your only option will be to forget that trip.
I just wished I had read other people reviews before, would have saved me a lot of time..

If this happens to any of you here you have the applicable EU regulation:
What is sais there Is cristal clear.

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