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Much better than budget - and often cheaper.

I don't make international flights, but sometimes fly from Scotland to London, and BA easily do the best job of it - often at better prices. I've never got a good deal on Ryanair, and EasyJet often aren't all that cheap either - but BA's fares are reasonable and include no hidden extras and no exorbitant and unavoidable charges. For a clear and honest price, you get a reserved seat, free hold baggage, complimentary snacks (although the quality of this has dropped of late) and decent staff.

Just generally a much more pleasant and less stressful business than flying with a bunch of supposedly-cheap cowboys. Ryanair makes me feel dirty, and they're often more expensive than a full-service airline, so don't be fooled by the ads.


Generally reliable, great way to see Scotland

I've used ScotRail a lot over the last couple of years, and I've found them to be one of the better train operators, and probably deserving of the awards they've won. Fares are generally reasonable, especially advance purchase ones, and if you're travelling with children at off-peak times, two of them can travel free with each paying adult. The network in central Scotland is comprehensive, although less so in more rural areas, and non-existent in some.

Only reason I give them four rather than five stars is the poor comfort on some of their older trains, a few rather overpriced fares, and tendency for overcrowding on my own (very busy) line, but generally they make travel a pleasant experience, with plenty of useful info available online to help plan journeys and advise of delays - which don't occur too often, thankfully.

The Sleeper trains, especially the one from London to Fort William, are journeys not to be missed, in my opinion, so certainly give those a try.


Do yourself a favour - go elsewhere.

I'm pleased to see that Tesco has been slated here - it's a truly appalling operation that has more or less single-handedly ruined British retailing. Everything about the way Tesco operates is wrong, and if you care about society, you'll do the right thing and shop elsewhere, preferably in local independent shops who still provide good service and keep wealth in your local community.

Let's face it - every single penny you spend in Tesco gets sucked up into the pockets of shareholders who grow stinking rich while they treat staff like dirt and pay them a pittance. Farmers and suppliers are squeezed until the pips squeak, the food is cheap crap, there is actually very little choice, the prices are not actually any better than anywhere else, and the Clubcard is truly terrifying in its Big Brother-esque nature. Tesco are NOT doing you any favours. In particular, their expansion into non-food products has done a huge amount to rip local, quality retailing to shreds. Every cheap paperback you buy in Tesco will endanger decent, knowledgeable book retailing where you can get proper help and a good range. Every DVD you buy endangers shops with real choice, rather than about ten crappy populist DVDs 2p cheaper than you'd find elsewhere.

The relentless onslaught of this horrible company is trashing high streets up and down the country, and if you have any sense, you'll avoid like the plague.


Good prices and quick delivery

I was keen to buy a Golden Half camera, but also very keen to avoid Lomography's rip-off prices. Holgarama's prices were very reasonable, the delivery ultra-quick, and the product just as described. After developing my first roll from the camera, I'm well impressed and would strongly recommend this company to any toy camera enthusiasts. :)

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