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Greenhouse Warehouse

Good prices and quick delivery

They have a great range of items and they get them to you fast. Definitely worth a look. Buy multiple items to save on shipping charges.

Discounted Heating

They live up to their name, but it's not just heating

I wanted a shower screen, but was getting thoroughly confused between the different makes, what the dimensions meant and whether the one I liked the look of would fit. I emailed Discountedheating and got a reply within a couple of hours that cleared it all up for me. And the nicest thing about it was that theirs was the best price I could find for the unit anywhere!
After placing the order, I got an email acknowledgement, then a couple of days later they emailed again to tell me exactly when to expect delivery. It turned up on time, too. It had evidently been shipped direct from the manufacturer rather than via Plymouth, which makes sense.
I'd use this company again.

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Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Excellent supplier - extensive quality product range and speedy service

I'd recommend them unreservedly - absolutely nothing to criticise. They have a vast selection of products and they beat the DIY sheds hands down for price and service. I'll certainly be buying more from them.

City Link

I wonder what City Link's priorities are?

City Link have taken to emailing customers the day before they first deliver, informing them that a consignment is on its way and saying who it's from. Unfortunately the notification says the delivery can occur any time between 07:30 and 17:30, which isn't a huge help for the customer in planning their day. I have had one of their "Sorry we missed you" cards through my letterbox yesterday and today. Having received an email I was expecting them and was definitely in the house on both occasions.

On the first day, I genuinely missed them, probably because they came too early for me to be conscious - the card didn't have the time on it but it was almost certainly left before 08:00. It really doesn't help that they try to deliver as early as 07:30. Like many people I am normally in bed, exercising or in the shower before 08:30, which can make it a challenge to answer the door as promptly as they seem to require.

On the second day however, they came at 08:20 and I was opening the door in well under a minute from the bell ringing, only to see the driver getting into his van and driving off, having already left the card in the letterbox. I can only imagine that he must have written it out before he even rang the bell. If that was the case, it suggests that the driver expected to miss me, was even planning to miss me, and it makes me wonder what he thinks his priorities as a delivery driver should be. I appreciate that drivers have what is probably a very tight schedule to keep to, but surely the courier business is about actually delivering things, not just getting round the route as fast as possible? City Link must ensure that their drivers allow a reasonable time for the customer to answer the door.

I immediately called the local depot (Tip: has local numbers for all their depots, so you don't need to be out of pocket through calling their 0844 number) and was promised that the driver would be asked to return right away. Two hours later I called them again and was told the driver could not return before 16:00 - by which time I will definitely be out.

Their customer services person refused to take my instructions to leave the consignment at the door. They claim that they cannot do this without getting a signature, for "security reasons". Whose security? In my experience other companies are prepared to leave goods without signature, on condition that the consignee accepts the risk. The package I hope some day to receive via City Link is of limited value and I am perfectly prepared to accept the small risk of it being stolen from my doorstep (which is well out of sight of any casual passers-by) in the short interval between it being left there and my return. I wonder if they are worried about pilferage by their own staff?

It seems that I will now be obliged to go and collect the package from the local depot, an inconvenience I did not bargain for when I paid for next business day delivery.

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