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All's well that ends well???

I have edited this review raising it from 2 to 3 stars - I toyed with upping it to 4 stars. After writing it I received a call from a manger at the company who introduced himself as Henry. He went through the concerns I had raised and seemed genuinely keen to resolve them. This is not the action of a company that does not care about its customers. I am willing to believe that I was just unlucky in my experience on the phone calls - Henry promised to investigate why they had not been made. He gave an explanation of the customs declaration which seemed reasonable. Overall I would only say that in some little ways I feel SlrHut do themselves a bit of harm by perhaps too enthusiastic attempts to sell extras - but that is not a crime and I would now happily use them again - I have left the review largely as it was below for information only

I chose SlrHut on price alone - stupidly I did not read reviews in advance

Placed order and had no problems - received a confirmation e-mail straight away. Then the problems began.I got another e-mail saying they had tried to phone me but not got through so I needed to call to confirm details. The phone number was a 02035 and I now noticed a US connection so got suspicious. I ignored the e-mail knowing they had all the details they needed. However I then got two more e-mails saying they had called and I had to call them. I knew they were lying as I have my phone monitored and no call from them had tried to come in.

I realised I would have to call them so expected an expensive international call at premium rates which no doubt would enable them to rake up some money to recover some of the good price I was given. I timed the call. It was 5 minutes before I could speak to someone on the extension supplied ( a US accent confirmed the international call). That person then said they did not know what the problem was and were going t transfer me to another extension. Someone answered and said hold on a minute - the phone went silent and stayed that way for 10 minutes so I hung up - having made a call of over 15 minutes fruitlessly.

I e-mailed SlrHut 3 times complaining but got no response. I looked at cancelling the order but they were going to charge an arm and a leg for that even though it had not been dispatched so eventually I was forced to phone again

Exactly the same experience - 5 minutes to get through and then they were going to transfer me - I pleaded with them not to and explained what happened before. They insisted they had to but assured me I would not be put on hold again.

I then spoke to a very pleasant gentleman who just wanted to confirm my postcode. Then came the sales spiel. Others have written what I experienced - claims over length of battery life etc - no matter how many times I turned down "offers" he came up with more till eventually I accepted one small one just to get rid of him.

He thanked me and said the order would be sent immediately. It was not - two weeks later I got a notice of dispatch and then tracked the DHL delivery for the next 6 days.

The parcel - like others said for Customs that it was camera accessories worth £17 not the real order at all.

Well as in my title I said all is well that ends well - I got the camera I wanted at about the price I wanted and it is very good.

However this company uses tricks and subterfuges. I feel I got away OK this time but would I risk it with them again?

I cannot understand how so many people give them 5 star reviews - perhaps it is to get the freebies - well I won't as I would have to call their number again and that I will not do.

It's a shame - if they cut out the cheap tricks they could be a good company.

The Tapas Lunch Company

Delivered speedily and exactly what we ordered - very pleased

We wanted a range of bowls as a Christmas present and found these and they are exactly what we were after - good quality and nice to look at and touch

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