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Office Furniture Online

Wonderful Supplier. Poor product.

I bought the Optimise Heavy Duty Task Chair, with all the extras included, just about three months ago and I've been using it every day since. The company is brilliant to deal with, and I have no complaints with them. It's a pity I can't say the same about the chair though.
This is rated as a "Heavy Duty" chair, and although I am only 11 stone the seat foam has already collapsed sufficiently to make the chair uncomfortable. The whole chair has creaked and groaned since day one, and sometimes gives an alarming crack as if something important has just broken. I can never see any damage though. The springs on the adjustable seat also twang at random intervals, for no apparent reason. The adjustable arms wobble noisily in their sockets. I keep adjusting the chair, over and over, but I can never seem to get it as comfortable as the one I used to use in the office at work, before I retired.
So, £164 wasted, and I'll have to keep looking for a good chair. If I can find one I like, I'd be happy to buy it from Office Furniture Online. :-) Lost one star for the poor product.

UK Mail

Very surprised!

I was surprised to get an email giving me a forecast delivery time, with a four hour window. Then the next thing was at 3 minutes past the earliest target time, a knock at the door and there it was!
Only critisism, the delivery agent was in a plain black shirt and I never noticed the logo. Since I didn't look out in the street, I didn't see the van, and there was nothing on the box delivered to say who the carrier was. Really they should try to show the branding more, so we know who is so very good!


Very good supplier for up-to-date lamps!

I have been seeking viable LED solutions for existing luminaires (lamp fittings that is!) especially "warm white" and B22 old fashioned bayonet cap types. The Kosnic lamps, although Chinese (isn't everything now?) are aimed squarely at the British market, so I chose to give them a try. They are excellent, but too white for my wife to tolerate.
Meanwhile, the suppler Lampshop Online gave prompt, well packaged, service with courier transport at a fair price. What more can you ask for?

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