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We would use no other

Courier companies get a rough deal on Trust pilot. Many. Do however deserve their low ratings. Not UPS. We use these guys for deliveries to our customers. The truth is, we could not. Ever consider changing even if we got a better price. UPS give us the ability to provide reliability an that breeds trust. Trust is giving our business growth an UPS can handle that growth. Full marks for UPS from www.hdiuk.com

OKI Buyer

Always good service

I cannot tell anything other than the truth. Our company does not go anywhere else for oki drums or toner. This compaby are competative on price an their service is faultless. Highly recommended.


Remember why you did not choose a low budget

you will once you fly BA. Service, quality an no constantly trying to sell you rubbish throughout the duration of your flight.

City Link

Worse than DPD

CityLink have got to be the worst courier company in th UK. Expecting a next day delivery? Don't hold your breath. You might get half your consignment an a couple of boxes that are supposed to have been delivered to someone else. Maybe it did not arrive at all yet the tracking will say they tried to deliver and you were not in and they left a card. No card, you were there all day. Yes I remember years ago city link were the bees knees unfortunately not now. We as a company always shudder when a supplier says, we just changed to city link. City link are good at undercutting their competition but at what cost?


Will outlast them all brilliant!

Outstanding, Awesome! as a buyer and a seller, I can sum it up in two words. THAKS JEFF!


The car boot of the web

I have not sold on eBay now for 3 years. Why? Because eBay in not geared for genuine retailers to succeed. eBay expects sellers to play by it's unfair and contradictory rules, to suck up to eBay an worship them like gods. eBay have the attitude that it is them doing you a favour by allowing you to be their customer. We as a company now trade online from our own website an by another well known online marketplace we now take in six hours what we used to take on eBay in a month. This other marketplace I tell of has fair policies an does not impose unfair an unrealistic expectations. Also, we can send 100 items by non trackable post an receive zero complaints of non delivery where wit eBay an their ridiculous Paypal claims policy, we would have seen probably 60 out of that 100 where people would LIE an claim the itm was not received just to get a refund. No eBay is no friend of their sellers!,,,For the wisecrackers an just for the record, our order defect rate on the marketplace we use now is 0.01.


Like a bus

had to walk to the plane from the terminal then had to find a spare seat. Landed at Gatwick an plane went straight to it's overnight park area meaning a 10 minute bus ride to terminal an a 45 minute wait for baggage. I would say it is the most low budget airline on earth if I had not heard even more horrific stories about an Irish company with a name that sounds like Bryn, stay clear of cheap airlines.

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