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company could not care less about you total waste

been i long time customer of tool station
NEVER AGAIN lies no returned call complete waste of time and money
there lies and lack of care cost me over £100 and many calls at 0844 cost trying to find my items would not refund me until lost item where found and THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU


great company

never had a problem good advice and it free


worst bank in the world bar none would rather have a Nigerian scammer look after my cash

do not ever never open a account with this crap totally useless waste of space bank

this bank is the worst in the world you have been warned

got to santander

15 February 2013

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only been with this bank for less than a year

up to know i have found this bank great there on-line banking is great there customer services is great
the whole deal of opening a account was easy peasy

give these a try


best bank bar none

having been a member of abbey /santander for over 15 years
i have never once had any reason to complain about them to me they are the best bank ever

i have also held account in other bank compared to these they all suck the worst been Barclay the worst bank ever


neither good nor bad

good points
many severs play on-line
not bad monthly cost less than £1 per week

bad points
they keep you card detail all the time .so if you put in you card details on your children account they can run up huge bills and Xbox do not give a stuff


shop staffed by poorly trained staff who do not care and a website designed by some one who has never

Could be a great shop let down by poor staff and garbage website

Where to start the staff do not care in general you ask for something you may as well fill in a job application /go for interview/ get job/turn up for work the next day and find in your self it would be quicker
the cutting service is a joke i have stood there 30 mins when in the little van waiting for some one to serve me
only to be told sorry there in no one to use the saw

the prices on the screws ect are a joke
considering they are part of screwfix [kingfisher group] this makes it even worse they could buy from screw fix over the counter and still make a massive profit they are a rip of on 99% of things timber tools ironmongery i cant believe they are still in business..

Grimsby's branch is run by[please insert a derogatory term[ in matching clothing ..

b&q website was made by . someone who has never tried to buy or stock check anything

save you a wasted journey got to wickes


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Google it

great idea to spread the word of good bad or great company's no longer can they avoid poor staff badly made items and bad rude customer services

well done trust pilot


the best hotel chain for you money bar none

having travelling the world with my family we all love the Hilton hotel
from las Vegas ,,los Angeles ,, Prague,, Canada ,, Sheffield Milton Keynes they have all-ways been fantastic the staff the food the hotels if i was rich enough i would live my life in the Hilton [not Paris Hilton]

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great bargains for those on a budget

great bargains for those on a budget


better than the rest

dont watch tv but do watch stuff on-line

get DVDs delivered no hurry to watch free returns

on-line streaming for movies TV show ect

no lag does great



they come to your home collect your stuff
you can print you own label or if you do not have a printer you can choose for them to have it with the collection agent

great prices

put the information in the boxes size ,weight to, from ect give you lots of options 24 /48 overnight ect

great for all item

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lying delivery company

bought a item from eBay seller sent me the tracking number so i could keep eye on my item

information claims they tried to deliver it at 9.11 am but no answer and they left a card [there was no card left all day ]

that was funny as i was in my drive putting 4 new tyres on my wife beetle checking oil/ water /brakes ect from 8.30 till 10.30
i also have 3 dogs and if any one come in the drive they bark [a lot]

as i was working in the drive the garage dooor was open so the dogs were in there if any one came in to my drive i would have seen them and so would have the dogs

they never came while i was in and if they came while i was out they never left anything a card /my parcel nothing they also claim to have left Lincoln at 8.41 and been at my house for 9.11 this is 49 mile from Lincoln city centre to country roads to Grimsby town this is a good 40 to 50 drive in a car more at that time in a city centre more like 50 to 60 Min drive
they never bothered to redeliver the next day i had to email the eBay seller to contact them to be told it would be derived today they promised


like ebay but free to sell an buy no stupid rip off fees

i use pre loved a lot to sell buy and get work for my bespoke joinery

touch wood [i have a lot of it laying around lol ] i have never had a problem with buyers or sellers

use you head if it looks to good it probably is a scam

be careful like in all on-line transaction and you will be fine


just need to bit a little bit better to make it a great company

they are finally getting some good tools in stock great news

the prices mainly in wickes has all ways been better than b&q by far

the website needs work doing to it it not as bad as b&q [designed by crack monkeys] but nowhere near as good as screw fix

the staff are all ways helpful and cheery [i have been going to Grimsby branch a long time ] they may not be totally knowledgeable but they work in a shop not as a builder/ joiner / so you cant expect y them to know every thing

the tool prices are good not great but good they need to lower there screws and nails prices on most things
they lose a lot of my custom by this along with most builders /joiners i know .

there timber building prices are quite good
and they do have great deals on bulk eg 3x2 studd £2.50 each by 20 only £1.80 each and its nice stud timber

only this i can find to criticize is they need a trade card like b&q[ the only thing they have right ]
the had the wickes card but they stopped that which was a shame i loved mine got a lot of great deals on it

would give wickes 7/10

nearly there just a bit more to become a great shop


number 1 for diy to the professional

l love this company have never had a single bad deal they all ways have it stock what i need the staff are great the prices on 99% of things cannot be beat

there website is easy to navigate and use
can check the stock save you time and money

b&q should be like this Grimsby in run by Muppet in matching clothing

b&q website was made by dyslexics monkeys on crack

to try to find any thing is a nightmare never mind stock check it to save you a wasted journey

great company wheel do its best to keep you on the road

needed 4 tyre for my wife car 02 beetle
205/55 /16 .91v
the best i could get locally was just under £350 .

i don't like to mix tyres prefer all the same all round also don't really like the cheap budget tyres unknown make stuff .

got 4 brand new tyres delivered for £210 next day
got them fitted locally for £10 each [inc balancing ]
save £100 and got a better tyre

highly recommend


Lawson HIS

....this is what all company's should be like ....

i purchased 2 ryobi 240v 1/4 sheet sanders delivered for less than i could could buy one from b&q .[identical sander /model ]
ordered Friday delivered first thing Monday
i received email in triplicate so rang the company straight away as i thought i had sent the order in three times [dodgy keypad]
spoke to a very helpful and nice lady who checked my order and assured me that only one order would be sent out I needed item for Monday as my sander had just took a dive in middle of job ,,.she all so sent me another email with conformation of our conversation and the single order only .then the company rang me to check my card details as i had got the last 2 digits of my card number the wrong way round [again dodgy keypad ] i have used this company before and have never had any thing but pleasure from using them only wish there was one local to me [i get great pleasure from going to tool shops []sad i know]

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