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a big let down

i order from asda groceries every week and deeply regret it most weeks im really considering going to tesco or somewhere else
their milk has hard cheese bits in itwhen its supposed to be in date mushy mouldy potatoes when theyre suppoed to be in date and i had a cream egg sent as a substitute for an eater egg and they never sed vegetarian substitutes their substitutes are absolutely insane who ever picks them must be an absolute idiot


highly reccomended

never dissapointed adalwayshighly satisfied great prics fast deliver no problems great service nthing bad to say about them


worst phone company EVER

i will never pay another contract to them one mine has ran out i cannot hav a conversation on my phone without it cutting out every 30 seconds and sometimes not ringing at all very very embarrassing and i checked my area to see if i could get 02 there and it said excellent never ever ever again!!!!!

Just Eat

great for finding new highly rated resteraunts but terrible for misinformation of prices

i order from there alot but everytime i get a call from the resteraunt saying that i have to pay for delivery at the door when i dont have money on me in person hence ordering online they need to sort that out its terrible deceiving people like that hidden prices

10 November 2011

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hello Jade,

I am pleased you use our service frequently and that you have found our customer reviews and ratings helpful for discovering new restaurants. Unfortunately I am sorry this has become a negative experience for you as you have been asked to pay an unexpected additional delivery charge on several occasions. To clarify, the restaurants may implement a delivery charge for specific postcodes through their Just Eat menu and this delivery charge is clear when you create your order and in your final total. However, occasionally the restaurants may require an extra delivery charge if they feel your address is in a particularly far away or difficult to reach part of your postcode. If this is the case, we ask them to contact you directly as soon as they receive your order to allow you to cancel and order elsewhere if you do not accept the additional charge.

I am sorry you have had experiences where you have felt under pressure to produce cash if you have ordered online. We want you to be confident you can order and pay online easily for your takeaway. If you feel the restaurants you have ordered with have not contacted you in good time to allow you to consider an additional charge when you order I would like to contact them to find out why. You can forward me the details of an order with which you have encountered such a charge to the address I have included below.

I would like to thank you for continuing to use Just Eat in light of this issue and for your constructive feedback.

Kind regards,

Ruby Smith
Just Eat Social Media

Email: ruby.smith@just-eat.co.uk


terrible im moving asap

internet is the worst internet ever in existence the most unreliable internet it constantly goes off and is always painfully slow



not the best prices but they have a wide range of products delivery and reserve online services are fantastic but i wish that they had more online exclusive items available at their stores


highly reccomended

you want basiclyanything and youll find it for the best price on ebay it would greatly suprise me if it wasnt
if you need anything unusual they have it ive never been dissappointed and ive always been very very happy with the products value an service
highly reccomended


one of the best to buy from online

excellent and never been let down im always very satisfied ive ordered from them that many times i cant count and only had trouble once but that way royal mails big mistake not amazon
highly reccomend

Monster Pet Supplies

fantastic company and products

couldnt have been betterservice or products love oxbow oat hay
burns green oat hay is better priced and more for the money and my bun loves it a great substitute for rabits who wont eat timothy

the food ball is great i filled it with hay and my un was occupied for hours and she eats hay out of it too which is great to get her eating more of it!!!!!!

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