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What on earth is going wrong

I have ordered many pairs of shoes and bags online but the last two orders have
been a disaster. I had ordered to collect at my local store, with order No1 I never
received an e-mail advising that they had arrived, With order No2 I did receive
an e-mail however it advised that a pair of shoes I had ordered over 6 months
ago were in stock albeit at a totally different store. When I called in to the local
store I explained about the e-mail and asked if they had them. Yes they did but
the address for the customer was not mine and was for someone in Birmingham!
The very, very nice Manager at the local store was so apologetic which was
rather more than customer services were when I rang them.

Totally excellent

If only all companies were as good as this. Everything they do, they do very well.
Really good range of branded appliances at competitive prices, love the videos
where the appliance is demonstrated. Very efficient, keep you informed, able to
select slots/days for delivery, what's more they keep to them. Great delivery staff,
friendly, helpful no whinges about flats with no lift. Could not possibly be bettered.
Also great if you very urgently need an appliance as everything is always in stock.


Rather dishonest behaviour

The tests for this company for the various assignments are very long-winded and
at times quite silly,if you finally pass and manage to book a job the
instructions are always very, very long, far more than is necessary. Job done does
not mean that you will be paid as they find so many ridiculous reasons not to pay.
eg a job asks you to check that the internet is working before you begin - you know
it is as you have continuously used it for several hours prior to going on to the
customer website. Gapbuster refuse to pay as you checked for several hours
previously not the split second before, when you have carried out the full assignment
and spent £20 of your own money this does not sound like the behaviour of a
reputable company. Incidentally I do lot of work for GFK, TNS, Sassie, Marketforce
and Performance in people and they would never, ever behave in this way.


Excellent mystery shopping company

I am in my third year of mystery shopping with this company. Excellent selection of
jobs, reasonable rates of pay, sensible assignments that are usually straightforward.
Only ever get the very odd query, always by phone and always polite but friendly
with it. Have undertaken some interesting special assignments - very good indeed
at paying promptly, they never, ever try it on. Strongly recommend.


Poor pay rates/slow reporting "accordian" system

The pay rates are the lowest of six companies I do work for. Lots of the worthwhile
visits no longer appear eg Hotel stays so unless you like fast food especially at
airports/railway stations, or betting shops or a £2 fee for a budget supermarket there
is little to commend it. They also have the slowest, most tedious reporting system,
why on earth anyone thought the "accordion" was a good idea escapes me. Worst
of all the proof readers at times at times seem to have little or no understanding
of the questions asked and an inability to read the answers correctly. If challenged
they invariably back down, I find that sending them an e-mail inviting them to explain
which bit of my answer they did not understand usually results in the assignment
being suddenly cleared for payment. On a positive note I find the Managers who
look after projects to be very friendly, helpful and competent.


Appalling Head Office Customer Service

I do a lot of sewing and bought a "Dunelm" brand overlocker. It had no threading
instructions and when I contacted HO Customer Services they said someone
in store would be able to show me. Trudged back on a 14 mile round trip, guess what
no one had a clue as to how to thread the machine. None of the machines in stock
had instructions either. Contacted HO again and was given the run around for two
weeks - many promises of obtaining instructions from the manufacturer. Nothing
was ever supplied and after seven reminders I took the machine back to store
whilst it was still in time for a refund. Needless to say I never did get the instructions..


Poor photos and product information

There has been a steady decline in the standard of information given
on products on the M&S website. Poor colour descriptions, photos
that bear no resemblence to the product and often totally misleading
product details. Wrong fabrics, zips that should/or not be there.
Linings that should/or not be there. Style different to the photo.
As for the sizing this seems to be the subject of many bitter complaints.
When you e-mail with a complaint the answers frequently do not address the actual complaint and appear to be template in style.
Then ironically they send you an e-mail asking you to review their
response. Postage should be free above a certain amount as it is
everywhere else.


Best company in UK

There is no way this company can be bettered when it comes to
customer service, they wrote the manual. Over the years I have spent
£000's with them for myself and family. Always friendly, courteous
at the call centre in the heart of the Lake District. True you do pay
a little bit more but if anything goes wrong or you do not like it ( as with
my coffee percolater) they will exchange it without any hassle no
matter how long you have had it.
Tremendous range, only small criticism is that the website needs
improving as it is not always obvious what category they have decided
to place items in and they are often dotted around in different slots.

Cozibag Bean Bags

Better than some at twice the price

Firstly may I commend the well laid out, easy navigate site. It was so
very easy to order and then follow progress. I had looked at dozens
of sites for a good quality leather beanbag. When I saw the Santiago
it was love at first sight. I ordered very late on Monday evening, by
09:00 hours on Tuesday it was being packed and was shipped out
at 17:00 hours. It arrived in Stroud early on the Wednesday - today.
It was a Christmas present for my son Richard and the lovely Jody.
I gather it has already been put into use and the household P. Cat
has requisitioned it. ( by the way my decision was helped by another
customers query on ability to cope with cats)
I was impressed by the site, the selection of styles/sizes/ no postage
and great service. You deserve the 5 stars.
I have only ever encountered one other such customer orientated
company - the most wonderful Lakeland Pastics, you are up there with

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