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Terribble Customer Support providing false info

I spend over 30 min on the phone trying to sort simple issue with them, and at the end I end up with nothing what was promised.
The CS is terrible as they seems like you bother them as a customer who try to figure out why the promises aren't kept!


Appealing customer service

Displayed buy one of the angry women's managers in Cambridge store.
Absolutely disgusting rude behavior.



UI placed an order for 205 pounds. next day I received phone call from BBR telling me my name is wrong. I spelled my change. Apparently bank declined transfer .
So I had to call the bank which told me there isn't any transfers declined.
Back to BBR.
Oh yes sir it wasn't declined by bank but our system ( ??? )
Then telling my that they not proceeding over 100 pounds with my order. So they offerer bank transfer. I realized bank transfer takes money form Debit card...
Terrible waste of time and nonsense claim about my credit card.
Steer clear from this company.


Terrible when things go wrong

My delivery was exactly on 4pm on my 4 to 6 pm delivery time.
Good if I would be at home.
I came 5 min after 4 and saw card '' We missed you''
I called and they absolutely lied to me an all counts.

That they will call me back and ( after 2 hours I had to call them ) that they cancel my order. ( I WENT TO TESCOS )#

3 days later they took money from my bank account ..GREAT

I spend money on solving this from phone ( they dont reply to mails ) and they didnt offer conpensation either ( out of pocket expences)
All in alll lame asda you are LAME
Will not use them anymore


Awful customer service

I pop in the shop today and just wanted to know if there is any posibility to get shirt for around 20£.]
After asking the question the person looked me like what the hell Im asking for???
And blankly replied NO.
I would normaly like to know the prices but after this treatment I left the store and never will come back.


While you can purchase ittems for download

The download speeds are very poor on this site. One file 4.5 gb aparently takes few days to download.
Im giving 1 star as this is 3 rd day waiting on chatt for help for hours.
Wouldnt shop there again.

Merlin Cycles Ltd

Very good shopping experience

Experienced and helpful staff and they know what they talking about. One of my main shopping places for now and future.

Royal Mail

The ittem disapeared ???

Ok so I refused the package after talking to dealer and it has been never returned.
This is not acceptable and I hope I will not use them again.
Very unreliable.

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Best out there

If you are cyclist enthusiast this is the site to go.
Free delivery on everything, best prices and good customer service.
Only one thing what let them down is the 1 class royal post delivery.
THese guy from royal post stole ehrm... package when I refused an order ( after talking to Chain reaction ) and it has been '' lost '' .
would be nice if there would be sing for delivery but other than that the chain reaction are amazing :)


They take your money but fail do deliver

Ok so I placed an order and cancel it afterwards because I find the product cheaper elsewhere.
After sending mail I received confirmation mail that I the order is cancelled and the refund takes 3-5 days.
Now its 8th day, still not refund and they dont reply to my mails.
Avoid them unless you ready for rip off.

After reading the reply I see you don't know whats going on inside your company.
I cancel order on 6 august that's 8 working days today so your claim that refund is issued in 5 days is false.
I contact by mail bison and got reply from DAN R customer service rep.
And that is the same person I send 2 mails regarding this issue and He didn't reply. So this behavior is no OK not in any means.
So i contacted them by mail again describing what happened and they just dont reply. cannot even keep their word as you can read from theirs reply...

Also I found out I received the refund on 6th day so they dont keep their promises, what a shame because if they wouldnt ignore mail this review wouldnt happen.

17 August 2012

Reply from

Dear Luke, Thank you for your comments, please be assured that we take all comments on board and make positive use of them for the benefit of our customers and BISON as a whole. However after investigating your comments I see that the advised 3-5 working day period for a credit to be actioned has been met as promised. FYI "working days" are Mon-Fri and it seems that you have included the weekend in your count. Nevertheless our biggest concern is that you have called the firm a "rip off" firm warning buyers to stay clear. As you are suggesting that we are a fraudulent company carrying out criminal activities I strongly advise you to contact me and inform me of any information you have which may help me investigate the claims you have made! We take such matters very seriously as we are a highly accredited firm with a sound reputation amongst all BISON customers and our Banks. We also take false claims seriously thus contact from you will be much appreciated!
BISON aims to create customers for life and not just for one order!

Hi Luke
You received Money on the 6th day meaning that it was processed as promised within the 3-5 working days.
We have no further interest to continue this thread.


Claud Butler Cape Wrath 3

I must say after placing an order for this bike ( for very good price ) and reading reviews afterward I was bit panicking.
The bike was delivered as prescribed and fast delivery as well.
I cannot give better ratting because my personal experience with them was very good.


Do not buy PC there

They misleading on product descriptions! Fortunatelly I have made photo of description before I bought a PC for 1000 pounds and shocked afterwards I realised, that the graphics is lower class. After talking to them they ensured me that the graphics I have is the correct one. BUT after showing them the picture they shut their mouths and had to sort it out! Outrageous.

Scan Computers

When something goes wrong

You are on your own. The customer service is one of the most annoying and not so helpful. They have good selection of product but you can get better prices ( free delivery) elsewhere.



My favourite market place. good prices and no1 customer service in case something goes wrong.



I had fraud aver 500 pounds on pay pal account and they not even bother to contact me...They just send me some nonsense survey.


Wrong item delivered

And after contacting Customer services I had to give 2 stars less than I normally would.
The problem is that they telling one thing but doing something different and then try to blame you and thats the reasont for this ratting.
Im waiting for my correct items for over week now.
I will see how their attitude goes but so far they dont deserve higher ratting.
Updated to 1 star. There isnt comunication since I send the package back. I hope I will not have to get trading standarts involved.
Ok update (last one) I received email confirming delivery for today.
So at the end good I changed it to 4 stars.
LAST UPDATE. After having chat with superfit the were more than generous with replacing my product. They were amazing its my final 5 stars rating. They are really good and if something goes wromg..well read my story :)

The Tapas Lunch Company

5 stars for products

Im sorry my feedback was token this way, very sad.
You have say you call me?
I have spoken with Jonathan over mail no over the phone.
I did gave you 2 stars because I cancel the order and you confirmed that.
But in reality it wasn't cancel , thats why I gave 2 stars.
The fact I decided to take it afterwards was matter of feelings for you, but wouldnt do it again.
And yes you can bet that was last time I was shoping there, awful Customer Service, good products...

And yes you are right, I could just refuse the order and this review would never happend.

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10 November 2011

Reply from The Tapas Lunch Company

This is unfair and misleading. I did call you back, but you didn't answer - not my fault. Anyway, we received the cancellation by email and I cancelled your order. Then due to a mistake in the warehouse it was despatched - our fault. As one solution, I offered you to keep the order and I would deduct shipping as compensation. In no way did I force you to accept this, but you happily accepted it as it meant you saved the shipping cost and as you were going to order in the future it made sense. If you weren't happy about it, you should have said so and we would have collected the order. In reality you were happy to save the money at the time and said nothing. I know because I spoke to you personally. Now you are leaving us a 2 star review and saying you'd rather shop elsewhere. Honestly, I'd rather you did too.

It was a mistake - a simple mistake. As soon as I found out I contacted you immediately and wrote:

"All of the products have expiry dates well into 2012 so they will last long after Christmas. I know you requested cancellation, but as this has already been sent, do you think you would be willing to accept the order. As a gesture of goodwill, I could remove the shipping charge."

In most people's book that is good customer service. Plus, you responded with "Its fine I will accept the order if its free of shipping charge I will find space in my fridge:)". Including the 'smiley'. How was I supposed to know from that reply that you were not happy with my proposed solution? In fact, I felt that you were more than happy. Look at all the reviews here. We pride ourselves on treating customers well. OK we make the odd mistake, like any company, but we fix it. You are unreasonable.

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