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This is a negative experience I have had with Dolphin Fitness. I understand that the majority of the time they are very reliable, and the other positive reviews are testament to this. However, I think they got it wrong on this occasion.

I noticed Maximuscle Cyclone 2.7kg was on special offer - 20% extra free. Both Dolphin Fitness and Monster Supplements had this offer. I didn't know who to choose, but in the end I decided to order from Dolphin Fitness.
The order was processed successfully. The confirmation email said Maximuscle Cyclone 3.24kg, as expected. However, when it arrived I realised that they had sent the standard 2.7kg tub instead. I contact customer services and they informed me that the 3.24kg tub was no longer in stock. They refunded me £1.24 to correct the price accordingly. But the only reason I bought it was because of the special offer, and I could have gone to Monster Supplements.
I contacted them again and they said that they would arrange collection if I wanted. But I didn't see why I should be put at an inconvenience for their mistake; having to stay home to wait for the collection, wait for a refund to be credited, and reorder the item elsewhere, then wait for delivery.

Why didn't they cancel the order, or contact me, rather than sending the wrong item? (some may say that it wasn't the wrong item - it just wasn't the special offer tub - but Dolphin Fitness put their prices up on the special offer tub, so as far as i'm concerned it is a different item, just like the 1.2kg tub is a different item)

Why didn't they automatically refund the £1.24 rather than wait for me to contact them with the issue?

Dolphin Fitness have a great range at great prices, but this incompetence has put me off using them.

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