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Vax upright Y-027 - Causes carpet damage - Do not use outside of 1 year warranty

I recently used a Vax Y-027 to clean a spill on my carpet and heard a rumbling noise from the motor. When I moved the unit, there was a large black dust stain on the carpet that cannot be removed, possibly from a fault in the motor.......ruined carpet, or can it be cleaned?

I called vax to ask if they had any advice on how to remove the stain (being carpet cleaning experts). The person on the phone seemed to be aware of the fault and suggested that compensation for the carpet could be in order. When I explained that it was over 1 year old, she explained it was out of warranty, and nothing could be done.

The only advise she gave was to email customer complaints. I used the complaint for m on the response....I then managed to find a customer services email address.....No response at all.

Products break down, and motors burn out...this I can understand, but when a product fails, and causes irepairable damaged to your property, and the manufacturer does not care.... this is not a company to return to.

..... a ticking time bomb after 1 year.....would you risk it?

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