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Pharmacy First

Excellent value, faultless service

If they've got what you need, it will be at an excellent price. Selection and purchasing is easy, payment by Paypal as well as all credit cards supported. Service smooth and efficent, items well-packed. Really can't find anything to criticise.


Why no "no stars" option?

I wish there was a lower rating than one star. I could write a long tale about two separate instances of waiting two weeks for parcels (the second of which has still not arrived yet) but you all know the story; frustration, misdirection and abject stupidity. I would not trust this company to deliver bad news. Avoid!

OK, the Twitter support team - Miller is so helpful! - deserve the star for their tireless attempts to put the second failure right, but they are going against the flow and are as exasperated as I am now. I'm about ready to cancel the order and let the seller try to retrieve the goods.

Long-term, maybe I should be grateful to Yodel. I will certainly make fewer online purchases in future for fear they will be entrusted with my goods again, so I'll have more money to spend in the shops. Obviously their services are cheap, though not necessarily to the consumer. But you know what you get when you pay peanuts!

Turned a distress purchase into a pleasant experience

My washer/dryer broke just before Christmas so I had to replace it quickly. Appliances Online kept appearing in search results, and my first visit to the site enabled me to find exactly the model I needed, with lots of information and helpful reviews. Though I did quite exhaustive research, no other seller offered such a comprehensive service - or a price nearly as good. Placing the order was easy, with helpful advice and hints along the way. Once I'd ordered, Appliances Online kept in touch with text messages, emails and phone calls. I have to say, their telephone staff are outstanding! On both occasions they called, the conversation was a positive delight and I felt they really cared about their customers. Delivery was excellent, with text updates so I knew when to expect the van, and again, friendly helpful service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company, and in fact started to do so before the new washer/dryer even arrived. The entire experience was so delightful I'm almost looking forward to replacing my fridge! What started as a distress purchase became a pleasure. Thank you, Appliances Online!

Clear Chemist

Great service, best prices

A quick web search showed Clear Chemist had the best price on the items I wanted. While there, I browsed the pages and found a good selection of medicines and toiletries, adding more to my basket. The site is easy to navigate and the order process painless. Postage and packing is fairly-priced considering the high cost of posting in the UK and the amount I saved on the goods. I placed my order late on Thursday and the delivery came on Saturday morning, to my delight. I will definitely use Clear Chemist again and would highly recommend them.

Highly recommended

This is my third order from and I'm hooked. Service is excellent, carriage prices are fair, but most of all, the selection of merchandise is amazing and the value-for-money breathtaking. People regularly admire my purchases and I'm happy to tell them where I bought them, with only the tiniest trace of smugness. :)

Great value, had 6 pairs so far

My first pair of varifocals came from SelectSpecs, and I admit I was slightly anxious about the purchase. Other online suppliers won't sell varis, or insist you send them your old pair - impossible in my case. What swayed me was the price; I paid around £83 for very attractive titanium frames and light-reactive varifocal lenses. Frames alone would have cost more from a high-street supplier!

The prescription was just fine; it took a few days to get used to varifocal lenses but I was very pleased. The light-reactive tint was disappointing; they didn't darken very much compared to others I've had, and they were slow to change.

Since then I've had a few pairs of super-cheap specs for driving and reading (to keep in the car and my desk-drawer at work), and my friend also bought a pair of distance glasses, which he wore as his main pair for a year. All have been decent quality with faultless prescription lenses.

I recently bought a new pair of varifocals (without light-reactive lenses) for less than the price of the lenses alone elsewhere. I like being able to track the order's progress on the web pages, and I'm thrilled with the glasses. I don't mind waiting for such a good product at a bargain price.

I would have given 5 stars but for the disappointing light-reactive tint. I have to reach for a high-street pair when the sun's out, which is a shame. But I'm pretty certain to buy again.

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