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Good operator

Have been with Orange for a number of years. have had good service, and nice offers when I've been tempted to leave.

Orange Wednesdays = awesome invention.
shame that they charge contract people for using this now though.


Good site + service

Nice internet site, and service, shame about the large postage fee.


Great site + service

awesome site, I'm glad that I found out about it.

shame it doesnt always work, but that's not their fault.

Great service

Really appreciate this site, and the offers they give.

Have stayed in a number of hotels over the years, and the rating/review system they have is not too detailed or complicated, but allows for a good number of factors/ measures.

I once booked a hotel room for the next day by accident, and they (&the hotel) allowed me to rebook without a further fee - nice.


they're great.

Not had any major problems from VM, and appreciate the speeds I get from them.

Wish they would advise me when I can confirm my contract for another 12months and get a slight loyalty discount though!

Cable internet FTW!


good service....

I was a subscriber back when this was an amazon service, when it transferred over, I had no problems, and the website is generally laid out well and easy to work.

Occasionally I haven't received email updates, but thats a minor thing.

What's annoying is that I've had several dvds on my list for well over a year and they have not given an eta, despite their release. I can understand that they may not want to buy dvd's that are not watched by many people, but informing me of them not getting this ever /an eta for this would be a better way of managing expectations.


mixed service

Have ordered a number of things from dabs over the years, but had a large problem with them - they couldn't take a payment from a debit card I had. I had used it before with them (+ since with other retailers). My bank advised me that there was no problem with either my account or the details they gave me.
Sadly, customer service line wasn't particularly helpful... and I haven't been back since.


Good Service & Price

Ordered several items a little while back. they arrived promptly, as described, and have had no problems with them.


4GB RAM stick

Ordered via Amazon. Item was dispatched the same day, and arrived via royal mail shortly after. Good Service - email updates were handy and informative.

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